10 States You Need to Visit in 2023

10 States You Need to Visit in 2023
10 States You Need to Visit in 2023

2023 will be an exciting year for travel. With the summer months quickly approaching, it is time to start planning your summer vacation. Whether you are looking for a beach getaway or an adventurous mountain retreat, you must visit a few states in 2023. Here is a list of  10 States You Need to Visit in 2023 including in your travel plans this year.

California: The Golden State

Known for its stunning coastline and laid-back lifestyle, California is the ideal destination for an unforgettable summer getaway. From its world-renowned beaches and iconic boardwalks like Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier to its natural beauty and epic landscapes, 

Experience the Tranquility of California’s Mountains

California has something for everyone if you’re looking for a more relaxing retreat, cabins in Asheville NC offer picturesque mountain views and peaceful surroundings.

Arizona: A Desert Excursion

Arizona offers a unique mix of unspoiled desert landscapes and historic sites. Head south to explore the annual wildflower blooms in the Sonoran Desert, hike to the top of Camelback Mountain, or take a hike through Saguaro National Park. There is truly something for everyone here!

Texas: Explore the Lone Star State

Texas offers a combination of rich culture, delicious food, and beautiful scenery that will make for an unforgettable summer trip. Visit San Antonio’s Alamo Mission to learn about the city’s battle-scarred history, or take a tour of one of the many cattle ranches in the area. 

Scenic Beauty and Vibrant Nightlife in Texas

Explore the city of Austin and its vibrant nightlife scene or take a drive down the Texas Hill Country and see all the beautiful wildflowers it offers in springtime.

Florida: Have Fun in the Sun

If you’re looking for endless days of sunshine, look no further than Florida! From the sandy beaches of Miami to the colorful theme parks of Orlando. There is plenty of family-friendly fun to be had here. Don’t forget Florida’s famous natural springs in Gainesville or Pensacola’s unique naval museum! However you choose to spend your time in Florida, you’re sure to enjoy every minute of it!

North Carolina

North Carolina is a great travel destination, especially during the winter. You can spend a week in a cabin in Asheville, NC. You can spend the long winter days emersed in snowy winter activities. During the summer, families will have no problem finding beautiful locations for memories that will last a lifetime.

South Dakota: Home Of Mount Rushmore

South Dakota is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in America – including Mount Rushmore National Monument and Badlands National Park. From hiking or biking trails around Custer State Park or exploring one of its four national parks. South Dakota has plenty to offer visitors looking for outdoor adventure!

Colorado: Mountains and Ski Resorts Galore

Colorado is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise! From skiing down snowy slopes at Winter Park or Vail Mountain Resort to trekking across Rocky Mountain National Park. Colorado is perfect for any traveler looking for fun nature activities. 

New York: City That Never Sleeps

No list of states would be complete without New York City! With its dazzling skyline and endless attractions, New York City offers a unique experience for anyone looking to explore America’s cultural epicenter. Take a stroll through Central Park or discover its endless foodie spots – from hip bistros in Williamsburg to classic Italian restaurants in Little Italy.

Alaska: Beyond the Last Frontier

Denali National Park is a must-see Alaska destination – visitors cannot only explore Alaska’s rugged terrain but also catch glimpses of whales swimming offshore and snow-capped mountains that create breathtaking backdrops across this amazing state! Don’t miss out on great wildlife viewing opportunities at Denali. Unique cultural experiences like husky sledding trips in Anchorage or exploring the Aleutian Islands by sea kayaking. 


Cheese And Lakes Abound Wisconsin’s favorite state motto, “America’s Dairyland,” says it all – Wisconsin is home to some seriously delicious cheese production! In addition to sampling Wisconsin’s legendary cheese curds, visitors should also explore one (or many!) of Wisconsin’s 15,000 freshwater lakes! Boating, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing opportunities abound -all surrounded by stunning vistas of rolling hillsides and lush forests that make Wisconsin truly unique among other states.  


With so much beauty and adventure available across these 10 States You Need to Visit in 2023 memo vacation is sure to be exciting as you explore America’s unique cultures and different landscapes, from east coast beaches to west coast deserts. Start planning today – you won’t regret it comes 2023!

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