8 Things That Are Trending On TikTok In 2023

Trending On Tik Tok

Trending On Tik Tok

TikTok has lately surged in popularity, with millions of users frequently creating short-form videos. The platform constantly evolves, and new trends emerge and fade quickly. To stay up to speed on the latest TikTok trends, you must know what’s happening in the community. 

This post will examine the most recent TikTok trends in 2023.

  1. What Should You Do When…

This TikTok video trend describes a relevant circumstance using a lip-syncing sound. To participate, users must describe a situation where they have money in their pocket but must decide how to use it. 

  1. When My Bf Comes In…

It’s a trend on Tik Tok in which people share items they were caught looking at on the internet while their significant other walked into the room. This might range from seemingly innocuous activities, such as shopping for luxury wigs online or exploring dog adoption websites.

  1. The Teenage Look Trend 

People are applying a filter to make a film that depicts their response to seeing a teenage version of themselves. Users may participate by finding the “Teenage Look” filter on TikTok and applying it to a video of themselves. 

  1. I’m Only Human…

This trend entails creating a video with a certain sound and template that depicts a hilarious circumstance in which someone blows off a mistake by declaring they’re only human. 

  1. From the Dark Web, We Ordered Among Us Potion

 This trend is recording a movie making fun of a product or object you own that others inquire about, but the roots of which are outdated or humiliating. 

  1. I Don’t Care…

The current trend is making a video of yourself lip-syncing to a given sound and expressing a critique that others might make about something or someone you would protect and love. Users may participate by playing the “I Don’t Care” sound and adding a text overlay depicting the criticism they would face if they supported something or someone.

  1. Flowers 

It’s a Miley Cyrus song that’s gone viral across all social media platforms, including TikTok. This trend has enabled TikTok users to express their breakup and relationship experiences, and it has become a popular method for TikTok users to interact with one another.

  1. The Smudged Lipstick 

The craze is making a video showing oneself reapplying or smearing your lipstick, then panning over to show a loved one assist you in fixing it, covered in your lipstick markings, all synced to a certain sound on the app.

Examine the “For You” section

TikTok’s “For You” tab is a tailored feed that displays material based on your interests and prior involvement. By browsing this website, you can find new creators and trends you would not have discovered otherwise.

Participate In Challenges

Challenges are typically designed around a certain subject or trend and can assist you in increasing your exposure and interaction on the site.

Keep An Eye On The News

Knowing what’s happening in the world might help you spot new trends on TikTok and Instagram. For example, a new viral dance movement may arise following the release of a hit song, or a new fashion trend may take off following the appearance of a star in a specific outfit.

Q: How Do You Start Your Own TikTok Trend?

A: Developing your TikTok trend takes both creativity and smart thought. To begin, choose a subject or area you are interested in and develop material around that theme. 

A: TikTok trends are crucial for your content since they may help you get attention, interaction, and followers. Participating in popular trends might help you gain new followers interested in similar topics and areas.

Q. How Can TikTok Analytics Help You?

A: TikTok offers creators various video analytics tools to help them analyze their success and find new trends. By utilizing these tools, you can monitor which videos perform well, which hashtags generate the most interaction, and which demographics are most interested in your content.


TikTok is a continuously changing platform, and staying current with the newest trends is critical to flourish. While keeping up with the current trends is crucial, so is being true to your brand and beliefs. 

You can create a devoted following and establish a large community of interested fans by providing content that resonates with your brand identity and mission.