9 Simple Apps Each Traveler Must Have at Hand

By Christophe Rude Apr11,2022 #Apps #Tech #Travel
9 Simple Apps Each Traveler Must Have at Hand

Today, independent trips have reached a new quality level. You don’t need to contact a travel agency because all services fit on your smartphone. The main thing is to have suitable apps installed on it. 

Indeed, now you can, for example, book a car hire Newquay Cornwall for your next road journey. All you have to do is download one of the required car-hire apps. Then, enter the desired pickup location and select the appropriate hire car. 

However, car hire is just one of the activities available to tourists through their smartphones. In fact, the list of your travel options is much wider with certain apps. So, we have prepared for you several programs that will make your trip easier and better!

My travel plans 

Still don’t know where to go on vacation? My travel plan will help you resolve this difficult issue. In the program menu, select from the list the countries where you have already been and where you want to go, and all the information appears on the map. 

The app will create the perfect itinerary for you, suggesting places to visit, where to stay, and where to eat. This is an excellent travel planner that will prepare all aspects of your future trip.


As a rule, you forget to do something or take something with you before the trip. uPackingList will allow you to avoid this. The application helps you create a to-do list and reminders before you go: don’t forget to turn off electrical appliances at home, buy beach equipment, etc. 

uPackingList makes it possible to create several topical lists so as not to get confused in tasks, and separate them more conveniently. An intuitive interface will help you easily understand the program and start planning your vacation in the first minute of use.


Skyscanner is probably the best way to quickly compare flights and find the right deals for your budget and date preferences. If you don’t know exactly where you want to go, then the service will show you the best offers for traveling to various parts of the world. 


This application remains among the best hotel-booking programs for any purpose, be it a business trip, a romantic getaway, a family outing, etc. Once you have created a profile, you can book a hotel and also take advantage of special promotions. In addition, Booking.com has a huge database of reviews. So, it will be useful for you to read the reviews before choosing a hotel.


If you want to experience a particular country better, don’t stay in a hotel but choose an ordinary apartment or house. Airbnb offers accommodations from locals in 190 countries around the world. 

You can read reviews about the owner, the apartment, or the house he offers, and then book the option you like. It‘s also a cheaper alternative to a hotel if you travel with a group of friends.


What could be better than discovering a new city, almost like a local one? With the Stay.com app, you can create your own guide to sights, restaurants, and shops in hundreds of cities around the world, based on tips and tricks from locals and other travelers. The best part is that you can download this guide along with the city map for offline use.


An application offers maps of more than 300 states and islands. The application is excellent, given that the maps are available offline after downloading them via the Internet. You can see all the desired travel spots on the maps, including cafes, restaurants, and sights. Plus, the app compresses the maps to save storage space on your smartphone.

XE Currency 

Sometimes you need to convert your local currency to the currency of the country you are from. Especially, when you want to buy some souvenirs or eat some street food. Fortunately, the XE Currency app helps you calculate the price of your next purchase and reports the current exchange rate on the go.


This application is a digital travel journal that allows you to track your itinerary on an interactive map. Avid travelers and adventurers will especially like it. After all, LiveTrekker can calculate the speed of movement and the height of the terrain above sea level. 

If necessary, you can also complete your multimedia travel diary with photos, videos, audio, and notes, and then share it with friends on social networks.

In conclusion, digital technology makes traveling easier. So, download and install these apps on your smartphone before you go if you want to enjoy a smooth and pleasant journey!

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