A Complete Guide to Cosmetic Dermatology

A Complete Guide to Cosmetic Dermatology
A Complete Guide to Cosmetic Dermatology

The field of medicine has experienced drastic transformations over the years due to the advent of medicine and science. Healthcare professionals are helping patients become more confident in their bodies and skin aside from treating diseases. Dermatology is a branch of medicine that specializes in hair and skin problems.

Cosmetic Dermatology

There are two major types of dermatology: cosmetic and medical. Both cosmetic and medical dermatologists deal with similar hair, skin, and nail issues, but their aim differs. A cosmetic dermatologist provides treatments, including surgical procedures, to improve the aesthetics and appearance of people. Contrary to medical dermatology, which deals with severe medical conditions in skin and hair, cosmetic dermatology provides surgery and improved treatments for cosmetic purposes to help people feel more confident and beautiful.

Procedures Performed by Cosmetic Dermatologists

Cosmetic dermatologists eradicate problems that prevent people from looking their best. Below is a list of procedures performed by a cosmetic dermatologist:

Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling utilizes substances that stimulate tissue renewal and get rid of the skin’s top layers. Examples of exfoliating agents include tretinoin, alpha-hydroxy acids, and trichloroacetic acid. Chemical peels treat skin issues like acne, scars, sun damage, rough skin texture, fine lines, and pigmentation problems. The doctor will combine various exfoliating agents depending on the severity of a patient’s skin condition.

Laser Treatment

Laser surgery utilizes powerful light beams to rectify skin flaws. The procedure induces inflammation by introducing controlled injuries into the patient’s skin. The healing process improves the appearance of the treated site. Numerous laser types are available to address cosmetic and medical concerns such as sun damage, unwanted hair, acne, tattoos, scars, loose skin, stretch marks, and aging skin.

What Should You Consider Before Approaching a Cosmetic Dermatologist?

The advancement in cosmetic dermatology has significantly minimized the number of treatment failures. Patients must remain careful before taking risks. It’s crucial to ensure you’re seeking the services of the right doctor before having any procedure done to your body or face.

Treatment You Want

A seasoned cosmetic dermatologist knows the kind of treatment you require. Patients should also be knowledgeable enough to give input regarding the ideal treatment option that suits their needs. The approach enables your cosmetic dermatologist to identify the best treatment method, and you can share what you’re comfortable with.

Experience and Knowledge

Cosmetic dermatologists correct multiple issues with your hair and skin. Before visiting a dermatologist, it’s crucial to know the kind of problem you want fixed to facilitate quality outcomes. Cosmetic dermatologists don’t deal with medical issues and can skip the diagnosis to provide the care you want. Patients should know what they need before contacting a cosmetic dermatologist.

Why Is Cosmetic Dermatology Popular?

Cosmetic dermatology has gained popularity over the years, and people of all ages are seeking the procedure. Patients dealing with mental disorders, including body dysmorphia, seek help from a cosmetic dermatologist to get rid of depression and mental stress about their looks. More people have learned the importance of self-love and are spending time making themselves look and feel good.

The increase in the popularity of cosmetic procedures is due to the improved standard of care and access to evidence-based medicine. Cosmetic dermatology improves your aesthetics aside from enhancing your appearance. Patients who want a cosmetic procedure should seek help from a board-certified and highly-trained professional.

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