Business productivity-10 Simple Hacks That Work

Business productivity-10 Simple Hacks That Work

Improving productivity gets things done in less time. As a small business owner, you have to make sure the productivity of your employees is optimal. Every employee works eight hours a day. As a business owner, you have to make the best out of employees’ time to get work done in less time. According to a study by  Vouchercloud, Business productivity for two and fifty-three minutes a day. That is merely 36 percent of the total working hours. While the numbers are shockingly low, considering the distractions during working hours, it should not surprise. There would be meetings, work calls, and many factors contributing to distractions.

Here are a few tips to keep Your Business Productive.

Better communication ensures better collaboration among employees

Communication is critical for any business to thrive, especially among employees. When the communication improves among the employees, their tasks compete in no time. They are well aware of what they have to accomplish. When the employees work remotely, sending an email every now and then is not just enough.

That’s why investing in new online tools for communication helps. Online tools improve the communication among employees internally and when they work remotely. The virtual tools let the employees communicate better, leading to better collaboration.

As a small business owner, you can use several online tools such as Slack, Asana, and Trello to improve workflow and communication.

Complete tasks according to their seriousness

One way to improve productivity is to prioritize tasks. In other words, they complete jobs according to their urgency. That’s how your team gets the necessary tasks completed and works productively. 

Set realistic goals to achieve and nurture accountability

Transparency is critical for Business productivity, especially for a business without an office. An employee is productive when they spend their time well. Putting more hours than necessary does not guarantee productivity. Firstly as a business owner, you must ensure that the employees put in the required hours. For this purpose, you use time tracking applications. That lets you know whether the employees put in the required hours.

If you give employees daily targets to achieve increases their productivity. It increases not only their productivity but also their morale. That way, your employees become accountable.

Use technology

Using technology improves productivity and efficiency. For instance, issuing invoices manually to a couple of customers may not take much time. If you are packed with customers, doing so is difficult. So use technology. Always take a fresh look at the daily tasks and use technology wherever possible to improve efficiency and productivity.

Businesses rely on productivity to remain successful and appointment scheduling software like Picktime can help keep your Business productivity on track. By using this type of software, you can create and manage appointments with customers, vendors, or other professionals without having to use a pen and paper or relying on memory. 

Mute notifications while working

With the advent of technology comes mobile devices and social media. They have become a part of our lives. They often distract us while working. For instance, we may receive a notification on our mobile devices about a particular event on social media. We tend to spend a significant amount of time online, scrolling on social media. Muting notification allows you to focus on your job at hand.

Try working 90 minutes at a stretch

You get more work done when your productivity is at its peak. You can’t maintain the same level of energy throughout the day. Therefore, try working 90 minutes at a stretch and take a meaning after. Working that way improves productivity and gets more work done.

Create a worker-friendly environment in the office

The working environment is critical to employees being productive at the office. For instance, Google and Facebook offer their employees a brilliant atmosphere in the office. They know that employee satisfaction is a significant factor contributing to employees being productive at work. But you don’t have to do anything drastic or fancy. It’s the little things that matter. Try new things to improve Business productivity and stick to those that suit your business.

Find out what’s not working

You can adapt any method to improve the productivity of your employees. Keep tabs on the techniques you have put in place to enhance productivity and try to find out what’s working for your business and what’s not. That’ll help you find out the correct method.

Split your daily tasks into smaller ones

Making a list of tasks to complete a day is a great way to stay organized. Sometimes the tasks you plan to end a day may require a week to finish. It’ll be stressful for your employees and you as well. So try to slipt your daily tasks and complete them quickly.

Never stop learning

Learning is a never-ending process. It’s the way to better yourself toward achieving your goals. You can learn a thing or two from your team because they are more familiar with the tasks than you do by doing them daily. They can teach you how to get specific tasks done efficiently and productively.

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