Clear history of crocodile shoes and why they are worth buying?

Crocodile shoes are actually made up of skin or hide of crocodile which is treated with different chemicals to preserve it for long term use with the process called tanning. It is one of the most expensive and luxurious leather in the crocodile boots world that may last more than 50 years.

It has beautiful patterns in it which increases the beauty of the product made through it such as handbags, furniture, sport equipment, footwear and different tools.

The early use of crocodile leather to make goods and stuff is recorded from 1800 in North America but the softness and durability added to the letter isn’t that old. It all started in early 1900s in New York, Europe, and Jersey.

 Why crocodile leather is so expensive?

 It is expensive because there are very less crocodiles in the world so their skin is very rare. They live in farms from four to seven years before their skin is used for the business so, the expenses for all that time they live in farms is much more than you think and furthermore the process of tanning also costs a lot of money.

 Reasons to buy crocodile shoes

  • They are soft and comfortable which gives you peace and comfort.
  • The crocodile shoes leather have beautiful cracks that makes your footwear look more unique, abstract, and attractive.
  • The leather of crocodile shoe is rare so that’s why it is considered in the luxury items.
  • It lasts very long
  • It has high quality, it has supple soft yet tough texture from outside.
  • Each crocodile has unique skin patterns which make sure that each crocodile product or shoe is different and unique from other.
  • It is always in fashion and trendy
  • It is a sign of luxury
  • They are made by professionals and best shoemakers
  • You can even resale your shoe as they don’t go bad easily.

How to wear crocodile boots?

Crocodile boots can be used just same as other leather boots. Infact just treat them as other boots according to fashion sense. It can be used to wear with different clothing easily but according to me they are best with blue worn out jeans and shirts or with Blazers or can also look really good with knee length long skirts or miniskirts.

How to check whether the leather of the boot is real or not?

 You can check it with your sense of touch if you feel plastic, firm, rigid, or compact surface then it is fake but if you feel soft, smooth, texture but a rigid scales then it is genuine.

 Are crocodile boots waterproof or not?

You’ll be shocked to know that instead of their high quality, high price and luxurious value they are not waterproof. If somehow they get in touch with water they will repel it but exposing it too much to the water can ruin it and the leather can create cracks on it.

4 Interesting facts about crocodile leather boots

  • There is a difference between crocodile leather and alligator leather and their textures.
  • Crocodile leather is also used by top brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Moet, Hennessy, Hermes, etc.
  • Crocodile shoes are mostly made up of belly cuts of crocodile skin because they are smooth so it is easy to make differete stuff from that smooth skin.
  • It takes several cuts to make a single item

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