Does Charmed Have the Best Episodes?

Does Charmed Have the Best Episodes?Does Charmed Have the Best Episodes?

Charmed ran for 8 seasons, from 1998 to 2006, becoming one of the most loved dark magic fantasy series ever. It starred three witch sisters with powers to defeat warlocks, demons, and evil-dwellers; Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, and Rose McGowan. Out of the 178 episodes, here are some of the best episodes in Charmed that you need to rewatch.

That 70s Episode (S1E17)

Many Charmed fans got hooked on the show when Brad Kern and other showrunners had the characters play through time travel. In the seventeenth episode of the first season, the sisters are sent back to the 70s. The episode reminded them of their sisterly bond and reaction to seeing their long-dead mother again.

All Hell Breaks Loose (S3E22)

The final episode in season three is another interlude you should rewatch. It was the episode where the sisters get exposed as witches, leading to Piper getting shot and killed.

To save Piper, the sisters contract a time-traveling Tempus to reverse the events and bring her back to life. Tempus agrees but under the condition that Phoebe reverts to the dark side and remains in the Underworld. The episode ends with drama as Prue and Piper are killed by Shax and left for dead.

Centennial Charmed (S5E12)

The 100th episode of Charmed did not hold back on drama and action; you might need to rewatch it. Cole attempts to win Phoebe back by casting a spell that, unfortunately, alters reality to a time when Paige and the sisters never met.

The spell transports Paige to a different reality where she has to convince Piper and Phoebe of their original relationship. Eventually, she convinces them, and they confront Cole to vanquish him forever.

Chick Flick (S2E18)

The Chick Flick episode aims to show you how much danger being witches exposes the sisters to. The Demon of Illusion attacks the Halliwell sisters and transports horror movie characters into reality using his powers.

Since these creatures are not real, they are immune to the sister’s powers, making the episode even more interesting. To defeat them, they have to apply their movie knowledge correctly.

Forever Charmed (S8E22)

The eighth season of Charmed wasn’t even close to being the best, but we must acknowledge how good the series finale was. Piper travels back in time after the death of Phoebe and Paige to try and save them. Luckily, her mother, grandmother, Wyatt, and Chris help her reverse the tragedy and save the day.

The Painted World (S2E3)

For those who loved Charmed for its fantasy, The Painted World episode is one you should consider rewatching. Can you imagine getting sucked into a painting accidentally? The sisters discovered a secret world in a painting after one got sucked into it. Phoebe saved the day by reciting a Latin spell.

There are hundreds of Charmed episodes available for your entertainment on various streaming platforms. If the 176 episodes are too many to binge, you can start with those mentioned in this article. It is among the best 90s family dramas filled with dark magic and fantasy.

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