Go Karting for the Supercharged Entertainment Lover

Go Karting for the Supercharged Entertainment Lover

On June 13th a new entertainment venue opened its doors: the Supercharged Entertainment Venue, located in Wrentham Massachusetts. This amazing »one-stop« experience features all sorts of activities such as Ninja Wipeout Arena and Gaming Lounge. But at the heart of the entertainment lies the anchor attraction – our spectacular Go-Kart Two-Track Multi-Level System. And we are more than glad to present to you: The Largest Indoor Multi-Level Go-Kart Track in the World!

The world is full of entertainment addicts. Online, on TV, in books and magazines people are constantly trying to find something new to keep them entertained. In the age of smartphones and tablets, there’s always a great distraction or mind-rotting demon at our fingertips ready to steal minutes or hours away from productive activity – we need an antidote!

Go Karting for the Supercharged Entertainment Lover

With its unique blend of physical movement and simple yet challenging tasks, go-karting can provide an alternative way for those bored with their routine day-to-day chores to enjoy themselves. Racing around a track has been compared with computer games such as F1 Challenge 9902 which requires fine motor control skills that involve quick reactions and memorization of the track’s layout. The physical demands of racing a go-kart require reaction times and accuracy of control which are very similar to those of modern computer games, where the player controls an avatar and wins or loses based on their reaction times and performance within the game.

To get started:

Firstly you need insurance (of course!) – www.cprefs.com provide great cover at much cheaper prices than through your dealer so check them out for the best deal when getting legal karting insurance www.cprefs.com/id1453428431

Then find yourself a good track in your local area www.gokartingdirectory.co.uk just put in your postcode to check out all tracks in your area including reviews of the best tracks

Now you need a good helmet to make sure you stay safe and sound on your karting experience www.karting-helmets.co.uk have great reviews of all helmets always make sure you find one that is BSI Kitemarked as this is proof of quality and safety

Make sure that if ever there’s an accident or incident at any track then DialAFlight will be able to fly customers home for free with Europ Assistance which makes it easy and stress-free www.dialaflight.com/europassistance offer very cheap flights so remember to compare prices before purchasing with them also don’t forget about their 24-hour emergency helpline 01442 292960

The Fastest Entertainment Around

Go-karting is not only about racing your friends around a track but involves some skill and lots of fun. Supercharged Entertainment is the perfect thing for those who want to do something more active without having to go on long runs or suffer through boring exercise routines at the gym. There’s no way you can keep still and rest with this sport as it requires constant attention and reaction times which some would call ‘physical chess’.

As those who’ve tried it will tell you, there’s nothing quite like taking control of a powerful machine and speeding down the track as if you were an F1 professional (just make sure you come back in one piece). While most people join go-karting clubs just for fun or for leisure, this type of entertainment can actually help train future pilots and astronauts – the G-forces experienced in a go-kart are almost as powerful as those found on a roller coaster.

What’s more, it is no secret that playing video games stimulates upper brain activity, yet there’s been no consensus regarding which precise cognitive process this is. Well, now there’s an answer! According to University of Toronto researchers Dr. Jay Pratt and Professor Robert Kentridge from the University of Durham (UK), players who compete at racing computer games such as F1 Challenge 9902 show increased bottom-up visual attention skills – meaning they’re able to focus better on certain parts of their vision – making them excellent pilots consequently! In layman terms: gamers have quick fixes when it comes to their short-term memory and fine motor skills, which in turn helps them take quick decisions when handling high-end machinery.

Supercharged Entertainment

Supercharged Entertainment Racing around a track is undoubtedly similar to playing fast-paced computer games such as F1 Challenge 9902. Some would even say the two experiences are so alike that you can call go-karting ‘the best racing game ever created. After all: what could be more exciting than speeding in an authentic replica of a Formula One car, while having your friends cheer you on from the sidelines? If anything at all, this adrenaline rush may potentially help improve your reflexes and reaction times (which is useful when driving) – not to mention fuelling imagination and stimulating brain activity.

Go karting is especially great for those who’d like to work on their coordination and body control at the same time – not only will it help them build muscles, but also improve emotional stability and emotional intelligence. For these reasons and many more, go-karting continues to be extremely popular all over England and its popularity is continuously growing in Wales as well!

What You Need To Know About Go Karting

Those who’ve never tried this type of racing before might be wondering what they should expect from such an experience. Well… go-karting can be a very different thing for each person depending on their speed preferences. Some people prefer going really fast (more than 60 mph) whereas others opt for slower speeds around 30-40 mph. When it comes to the tracks, some are relatively simple with just a few turns whereas others can be very complex and challenging for any driver.

About the track

The visitor experience is one of a kind. Supercharged Entertainment enhances even more when walking through other attractions in the building. When finally arriving on the mezzanine with a stunning view of the state-of-the-art tracks system the WOW effect kicks in. The two tracks combined forge an amazing Supertrack with a length of more than 2445 linear feet (745m). This venue is now dominant in the territory of Boston and Providence with an anchor attraction such as karting. A high entry-level barrier has now been established for any competitors and the ultimate driving experience offers the visitors a high entertainment value and keeps them coming back.

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