How Aircraft Hardware Kits Contribute to Aircraft Maintenance

How Aircraft Hardware Kits Contribute to Aircraft Maintenance
How Aircraft Hardware Kits Contribute to Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft hardware kits include tools, consumables, and expendables. The materials used in aircraft hardware are corrosion-resistant and can withstand the stresses of flight. These kits also provide various benefits, such as ease of installation and traceability. The gold color on aircraft hardware is cadmium plating, which offers more excellent corrosion protection than zinc. Cadmium-plated hardware is often marked with a dash number that indicates diameter and length.

They are durable

Aircraft hardware kits are made of high-quality materials designed to withstand the stress of flying. They are also resistant to corrosion. For example, aircraft cable is used to tie down and stabilize heavy equipment – it is not something you can afford to cut corners on. Whether building an airplane or performing maintenance, you should always use the hardware specified in your aircraft plans or assembly manual. Using the correct hardware can make your plane safe from flying.

Additionally, you should consult the FAA Advisory Circular and Airframe Mechanics General Handbook for guidance on adequately installing aircraft hardware. You might wonder, “What’s so special about AN hardware?” After all, you can buy similar nuts and bolts at the local hardware store. Hardware is gold-colored and has cadmium plating, which provides more protection against corrosion than zinc. Moreover, it requires a lower torque value to achieve the same amount of clamping force.

They are easy to install

Aircraft hardware kits provide maintenance and repair professionals with various components needed for aircraft operation. The kits are generally cheaper than purchasing individual parts. Additionally, they offer detailed instructions for installation. If you’re unfamiliar with installing aircraft parts, it is best to consult a professional to avoid making any mistakes that could damage your aircraft. Airmen can find the proper hardware through a computer database and a radio-frequency identification system.

The system tells the Airmen where the requested item is in the inventory and provides other important information, such as shelf life and handling instructions. Aircraft hardware has strict requirements for quality. It’s essential to use a kit that contains certified parts from a reputable aviation vendor. The vendor inspects and records hardware to ensure it meets aviation standards. This ensures that your nut or bolt is safe and reliable. Buying a lower-quality version of an aviation part can cause serious problems.

They are affordable

Aircraft hardware kits are a great way to save money when building an aircraft. They can be purchased over time so builders can spread out the cost of more expensive components such as engines and avionics. They can also replace older parts and are often cheaper than the replacement parts themselves. Airframes can be built with various kits, from simple to complex. Some are designed to be fast and easy to build, while others are intended for experienced builders who want to customize their aircraft. Most aircraft hardware is manufactured to AN (Aircraft Numerical) specifications, meeting rigorous aerospace and Army-Navy industry design guidelines for design, material quality, and tolerancing. For example, AN cotter pins are made from cadmium-plated steel and stainless steel and are marked with dash numbers that indicate the diameter and length of the pin.

They are traceable

Unique identification numbers are a crucial aspect of aircraft hardware kits. These numbers help Airmen keep track of inventory and provide important information such as the part number, ICA (airworthiness approval certificate), and maintenance requirements. In addition, some parts may have safety warnings or handling instructions printed on the label. Aircraft hardware kits are also traceable and can be tracked from production to installation. This allows technicians to verify the quality and integrity of their products. In addition, traceability allows them to identify problems and resolve them quickly.

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