How Light and Medium Duty Towing Services Can Save You Time and Money

Towing is not a one-size-fits-all job. That’s why trucks are distinguished into three different categories – light, medium, and heavy duty. Light-duty trucks usually include flatbed towing services. They are safer for transporting vehicles because they raise the car off the road, preventing direct contact with the road’s surface.

Save Time

Light duty towing services involve what most people consider standard towing services – hauling cars to their destination, removing abandoned vehicles, clearing roads after accidents, and more. This towing service only requires conventional trucks carrying sedans and smaller cars. On the other hand, medium-duty towing services are meant for bigger box trucks, vans, motorhomes, and even vehicles that are too big for light-duty tow trucks. Towing companies that offer medium-duty towing services usually use larger tow trucks equipped with boom lifts, atolls, low-profile trailer options, and flatbeds. Using the right towing services saves you time and money because it helps you avoid unnecessary damages and delays. Getting the right towing service for your car also saves you the hassle of searching for a towing company and making reservations. It also keeps you from spending more than you need to on the repair costs of your vehicle. You will save on labor, fuel, and other resources.

Save Money

The towing process is costly, but you can save on your tow truck cost. One way is to find a towing company offering light and medium duty towing Prattville AL services. This can save you a lot of money because more trucks will be available to transport your vehicle. A good towing service will know how much the average car weighs and use the proper truck for each situation. Attempting to haul a too-heavy car can harm the driver and the tow truck. The specialized trucks used in medium-duty towing services are maneuverable and powerful enough to retrieve heavy vehicles stuck in difficult-to-reach and compromising positions. They can also operate in adverse weather conditions and move large vehicles safely. They also have a modern wheel system design that ensures the tow truck and the vehicle being towed do not make any direct contact aside from the rubber tires.

Save Energy

There are many reasons why you need a towing company. For example, if your vehicle breaks down or needs to move a heavy load from one location to another. Having a towing company with the right trucks can save you time and money in the long run. Light-duty towing services typically involve hauling smaller vehicles such as sedans and city cars. This type of towing is ideal for moving abandoned vehicles, removing debris from accident scenes, and other basic tasks. Medium-duty towing services require trucks capable of hauling up to 22,000 pounds. These trucks are often flatbeds, eliminating contact between the car and the vehicle. These trucks are also better suited for transporting vehicles over long distances. Heavy-duty towing services typically involve hauling large commercial vehicles and equipment such as construction vehicles, semi-trucks, vans, and trailers. They can also help with the recovery of water-logged vehicles and clearing storm damage.

Save Stress

Many situations require the help of a towing service. Some of these include when your vehicle breaks down, is parked illegally, or has an accident. The type of towing service you need will depend on the situation and size of your car. Choosing the right towing services saves you money and energy. Some drivers call a towing company when their car breaks down in residential neighborhoods or narrow streets. In these cases, light-duty tow truck companies can pick up the car and take it to a safer location. This relieves the driver of dealing with traffic or navigating difficult roads. In addition, it allows them to avoid costly repairs that may have been caused by trying to drive the car in these conditions. They also avoid fines from local authorities.

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