How many types of laptops are is there? (Chromebooks)

How many types of laptops are is there (Chromebooks)How many types of laptops are is there (Chromebooks)

In case your work involves writing a lot, or if you are a journalist, blogger, or writer, then you have to find the best laptops for blogging. Among hundreds of products released on the market nowadays, choosing the perfect one is no easy task.

When you are a blogger, a laptop is one of your indispensable assistants. Hence, we are here to help you decide and provide you with some options to help you make the right decision. Read For more information:

Apple MacBook Air

If money is not so big of a deal to you, then you should choose this MacBook Air. This 13-inch laptop has a number of design changes compared to the 2010 version.

With this 13-inch MacBook Air (Thunderbolt), Apple successfully gained back its reputation, which was lost after the MacBook Pro launched.

The introduction of the Core i5 processor, the increase in the memory capacity to 4GB, and the upgrading graphics have improved the laptop’s performance significantly compared to previous 13-inch Macbook Air models.

ASUS Chromebook

With a larger screen and longer battery life bringing more powerful performance, this new Asus Chromebook is a huge improvement over its already excellent predecessors. What’s more, the Chromebook has a beautiful aluminum finish, weighs 2.6 lbs, and is designed for enhancing productivity.

Also, if you want to experience Android applications right on your laptop, this will be the best choice for you.

It is undeniable that Windows and Mac laptops are becoming more and more popular because manufacturers are focusing more on design and performance to make the laptop lightweight, and compact, but still with a powerful configuration.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

In our opinion, this may be the most suitable laptop for blogging because it perfectly balances portability and performance. As a blogger, you need to create many types of content and without a doubt, this is the primary task while running a blog.

For that reason, you need a comfortable keyboard having convenient keys and feel exceptional while typing, don’t you? Well, this laptop can definitely meet your expectation thanks to its natural typing and trackpad experience, supported by a luxurious Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard.

Acer Aspire R 15

First and foremost, the Acer Aspire R15 is a thin laptop specially designed for multitasking. Especially, when you bend its 15.6-inch screen back, you will be able to rotate it like a tent.

The laptop’s keyboard can also be placed upside down in portrait mode or folded with the screen behind to use as a tablet.

Besides, for blogging, you need a travel laptop as you will have to bring it here and there. In this case, this model of Acer is the right one for you as it only weighs 4.74 pounds, and is 0.79 inches thick. What a great option to consider!

How to Buy The Best Laptop for Blogging?

Unlike other types of laptops, ones for blogging always require durability and high accuracy as well as powerful configuration to perform the task quickly and accurately. So how to choose such a product among thousands of models? It’s simple! You just need to rely on the criteria below.

The configuration of the laptop

If your main task is writing, you just need to choose the normal computer configuration. The Core i3 processor and 1.8 to 2.4 GHz processor speeds are sufficient for you. A laptop optimized for content should be equipped with a robust processor and large enough RAM to provide optimal performance. Often enough bloggers also have to do some graphic design and drawing. If you do either of these 2 activities you may need something with a little more juice than the i3 such as an i5 laptop.

Battery life

To be able to meet the requirements of continuous work for long hours, you need a product device with a large battery capacity.

Therefore, a laptop with long battery life and not overheating easily when used for a long time will certainly meet the needs of writers.

SSD hard drive

It’s highly advisable to increase processing speed as well as multitask effectively by choosing laptops equipped with SSDs. However, currently, only a few high-end laptops like the Surface Laptop or MacBook have built-in SSDs. So you can choose to buy a model and then invest more money to equip the SSD hard drive for your laptop.

The Size

Since writers tend to move around frequently, a lightweight laptop will be an ideal choice for effortless transport.

Also, a backlit and full-sized keyboard is friendlier to writers because it allows writers to write in the dark. In addition, a spacious palm rest area is advisable to give users a more comfortable space to work on.


Do you need a 2-in-1 laptop?

A 2-in-1 laptop is a hybrid device that can switch from clamshell mode (traditional clamshell) to tablet mode, tent, or stand mode. There are 2 types: the keyboard detachable type and the flexible type that can be folded back and forth 360 degrees to change between modes.

Each type has characteristics to serve different purposes. The folding type extends the working capacity of the laptop. And the disassembled type brings a tablet-like experience.

If you prefer performance over folding or disassembling to switch to a tablet, you should use the traditional type, they will have better performance.

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