How much is a septum piercing? Complete Guide

A septum piercing is a more daring look than a more standard nose piercing that lies on the side of your nostril. ‘A septum piercing is a piercing that goes through the bottom of your nose between your nostrils. “It’s generally pierced with a hoop or a horseshoe-shaped ring,’ says the author.

Fake Septum Piercing

If you like the look of a septum piercing but aren’t sure if you want to get one, you may easily manufacture a fake septum piercing. You can construct a fun faux septum to wear with wire, paper clips, earring hooks and pliers, and scissors. Just make sure to take some safeguards.

How TO use

If you like the look of a septum piercing but aren’t sure if you want to get one, you may easily manufacture a fake septum piercing. You may use pliers and scissors to build a fascinating faux septum out of wire, paper clips, or earring hooks.

Available at Many Online Stores

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  • Ali Express
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Comfortable In Use

A fake nose stud can also look real because no one can tell if your septum ring is pierced or simply put on. The stud, unlike other artificial nose rings, may be more difficult to secure. Your skin glue may not function as effectively for you; you may develop allergies as a result of it. Sweat on your skin is also likely to shift the stud out of place, causing it to slip off your nose

What should you be aware of before getting a septum piercing?

investigating, as needed, and looking for advice, before taking the piercing plunge is in every case a great idea. “Continuously pick a respectable piercer,’ suggests Bond. Your piercer must get some margin to converse with you about the piercing. and what’s in store for you as well as the type of jewelry you need to wear when it’s healing. Like any piercing, you want to deal with it. particularly while it heals, and be mindful so as not to knock it while applying or removing makeup. what should you be aware of before getting a septum piercing?

looks amazing on everyone

Less commonsense yet seriously uplifting input is additionally valuable. Hallowed Gold piercer Gemma Thomson adds, “Septum piercings look amazing on everyone !” ‘It’s a piercing with many other options. you can wear it with a full ring or change it to a roundabout hand weight. Furthermore, you need to conceal it on the off chance that you have some work that doesn’t permit piercings or are in a situation where the piercings are covered up. This permits you to uninhibitedly articulate your thoughts more!

All septum piercing is painful?

For the first time, all piercings are painful. It’s merely an unfortunate fact that piercing a hole in yourself feels your pain. Fortunately, septum piercings are at the low end of the pain scale. and ‘Septum piercings are one of the least painful piercings on the body, which may surprise most people.

Be Careful While septum piercing Real or Fake

When the septum is pierced correctly with the help of a skilled piercer. it pierces a very thin, delicate section of skin. that is narrower than an ear lobe and does not have any cartilage in the nose. it  is referred to as “the sweet spot.” This is usually placed in front of the nose, however, it changes depending on the client! A single tear occurs commonly. This is not an indication of pain, but rather a normal reaction to any nose piercing.’

How long does it take for a septum piercing to heal?

We’ve all heard that the key to a fruitful piercing is to keep it as still as possible. However, ultimately, we as a whole become worn out on the straightforward steel jewelry with which we pierced and need to take a stab at something somewhat more Maria Tash. “Everybody’s piercing time is fluctuate and differs. Overall, septum piercings ought to require about a half year to recuperate totally.


  • Change septum piercing Jewellery After Three Months
  • Check your Piercer and make sure it is safe.
  • Changing Jewellery too quickly causes Irritation.

Care After septum Piercing

After piercing care is fundamental, which feels unwanted. but keeping away from diseases is more complex than removing the piercing. ‘We suggest a clean saline arrangement and sanitized non-woven bandage for most piercings. Even utilizing this to painstakingly tidy away from dirt crust.  Clean the jewelry delicately without rotating the ring, usually once or twice a day until the piercing has healed completely.

Avoid doing this after getting your septum piercing

Not everyone prefers the typical ‘bull’ ring style, so what other options do you have? According to specialists, there are quite a few. The beauty of a septum piercing is you can pierce with many different stunning options straight away. I emphasize the necessity of having your ears pierced. with high-quality materials like solid 14k gold and implant-grade titanium.

You can use both Real and Fake

A Circular Barbell (horseshoe design with two tiny beads on either side) is a popular choice.


What does septum piercing symbolize?

The septum piercing was utilized to symbolize their success and to mark their entry into manhood. Later in history, piercing these skin tunnels became associated with rebel subcultures such as the punk music movement, and is regarded as a sign of rebellion. However, almost everyone is now adopting the piercing fad

What are the advantages of having a septum piercing?

A septum piercing has a hidden “advantage.” If you remove your jewelry and allow the hole to close, there will be no visible scar. When asked what kind of scar a septum piercing causes, Thompson laughs, “Life leaves a scar.” “Every piercing will leave a scar. 

Do fake septum piercings stay in?

Fake piercings are exactly what they sound like: jewelry that can be attached to your nose, lip, ears, or even your brow, but unlike real piercings, they do not pierce your flesh and so neither is permanent. This means you can take them off and put them back on whenever you want.

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