Making the Most of Your Dress Boxes: Tips and Tricks

dress up boxdress up box

Men and women desire to embrace the newest fashions. Moreover, people want to wear trendy clothing. Therefore, the clothing sector battle is about winning over prospective customers. 

Dress boxes are a great option to keep your company in the public eye. However, a beautifully designed box can speak louder for your products when you can’t be there to do it for your brand. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you must focus on the design aspects of apparel packaging. 

Let’s dig into the details of how to improve the aesthetic touch of your packaging to win customer loyalty!

Benefits of Custom Dress Boxes for Your Business

A custom box can bring multiple benefits to your brand. Here are the following benefits that are provided by these boxes:

These boxes help you to create brand awareness. They are featured in your company’s name and logo. It will help your customers to identify your brand in a sea of similar products. 

They help uplift your sales revenue. Dress up box helps in making a significant contribution to your company’s success. 

They are available in multiple shapes and sizes, instantly catching customers’ attention. In addition, the versatility of these boxes makes them a shining star among manufacturers and customers. 

Custom packaging is manufactured from durable packaging materials. It will assure your product’s safety. Your products will be undamaged during shipping and handling. 

They help win customer engagement. Their intriguing designs and shapes make customers more likely to purchase from your brand. 

  • Don’t Ignore the Power of Content!

Typography never gets old when we discuss the design of dress favor boxes. It is vital to grab customers’ attention. Therefore, you must be careful while selecting the font style and size. After all, fonts are a way to convey your brand message to your targeted audience. 

According to Mikael Cho, founder of Unsplash:

“Fonts frequently have a more profound influence. Therefore, you don’t want to choose a font right away that is connected to something in our culture that is obviously at odds with the mood you’re trying to create.

Dress packaging will deliver a message that you want to send. Information should be printed on the box with transparency and appropriate font. It will help buyers to have confidence in the product they purchase. 

Here are a few fonts that depict different emotions:

  • Serif font – Stability, class, and older age
  • Headline font – Attention-grabbing, intense, and truthful 
  • Sans – Serif font – Modernity, simplicity, and directness 
  • Fancy font – Prestige, elegance, and maturity 

You can also find multiple font styles online on Google. You can choose the perfect one for dress boxes that suits your branding needs. Ensure the unspoken language of your typography will reflect your brand’s personality. 

  • Texture Creates a Great Impact on Buyers

Packaging is intended to be touched and felt. Therefore, if you design your box with creativity, it will motivate buyers to pick up your apparel products. For this purpose, the touch and feel of packaging play an integral role in influencing customers’ buying perception. 

When designing a dress box, buyers must have a satisfying tactile experience. Pleasant-to-touch textures, such as smooth matte, glossy, and soft finishes, will entice a customer to pick up your products.

  • Go With Distinctive Shapes and Designs

The shape of the kid’s dress up boxes becomes an identifier of your brand. If your dress, like a shirt, is incredible, distinct, and instantly recognizable, it has a greater chance to impact the buyers. The same rule goes for the packaging shape!

A modernized design with distinctive shapes can create excitement in consumers. They will eagerly open the box and see their favorite clothing product. Remember to choose a shape that better suits your branding campaign. It will create a powerful emotional reaction. 

Think out of the box and be creative while designing your custom boxes. It’s not a hard and fast rule that you have to go with rectangular shape boxes. You can choose different shapes like triangular, circular, and square. Focus on creating unique, product, and brand-relevant packaging designs. 

  • Choose a Right Color Combination Scheme

Colors have a great deal of power to draw customers in. Dress up boxes with tempting color combinations will physiologically improve the likelihood that someone will look at your product. 

According to research conducted in 2013:


“The attractiveness of product packaging can cause spontaneous purchases, even among consumers with no intention of purchasing.”

The four colors that draw the most attention are red, yellow, green, and pink. But this means only some of your boxes should be printed in these hues. If every package has the same color scheme? It can’t make your products distinct on retail shelves. 

Therefore, use different colors for designing dress boxes. It will help you to differentiate your brand. And also grabs customers’ attention at a glance. Be bold while choosing the colors for printing your custom boxes. 

Final Verdict!

Custom packaging can improve your brand and product so much! You may make a captivating design to draw the customer’s attention by using various aspects of dress boxes. Using colors, forms, textures, and typography is crucial for grabbing customers’ attention. You should thus seek out a reputable packaging supplier like Half Price Packaging. It can assist you in creating custom packaging that is beneficial for your company’s success and gaining consumer involvement.

Why are you holding back? This is the right time to get your hands on these well-designed apparel boxes to uplift your sales.

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