Running a Business from Home vs Renting an Office Space

Running a Business from Home vs Renting an Office SpaceRunning a Business from Home vs Renting an Office Space

Have you recently started your own business and want to continue to grow? Productivity is going to be key to achieving success no matter what type of business you are running. You have to ensure you are making the most of your time and completing projects. If you have a team, this is also something you have to be mindful of. Indeed, you want to create a working environment that allows them to thrive and get through their workload. One thing you will have to consider carefully is whether you want to run a business from home or choose to rent an office space. Both have their advantages. So, let’s take a closer look at the debate.

Running a Business from Home

First, let’s consider the advantages of running a business from home. Straight away, people love the fact that there is no commute to work, and you can roll out of bed and get working straight away. Indeed, this freedom and better work-life balance allow many to be productive. So, this independence can be something you enjoy as an owner, as well as how employees now like to work. You can work when you want and in what way you are most productive.

Something you have to consider is your business address. Namely, you need to ensure that it is still professional if you choose to run your business from home. Customers do not like to see residential addresses since they can seem untrustworthy. But, there are ways around this. In particular, you can use a London registered office address service. This is going to allow you to enjoy a virtual office address but still work from home. This can be impressive for customers ad make you appear more professional. Meanwhile, you can work at home in an environment you are comfortable with.

Most businesses agree that moving their company to a remote working structure is good for everyone. If you have a team, they enjoy having a better work-life balance and stay with that company longer. As a business owner, you are going to make substantial cost savings. You do not have to hire or buy an office. Virtual offices are much more affordable.

Renting an Office Space

Now, it is time to consider renting an office space. While we know that working from home can be productive for some people, others simply cannot get into gear when they are somewhere familiar. Indeed, there can be a lot of distractions at home, whether this is your television or phone or simply not having someone looking over you all the time. Some employees prefer the formality of the office and being able to go home at night.

Indeed, renting an office space and using this during working hours allows group projects to flow efficiently. Working as a team is often more productive when it is face-to-face. Sometimes, technology cannot replace this. Thus, if your business deals with a lot of important projects that require many employees, this might be why you want to stick to working in an office. It allows everyone to communicate effectively.

In addition, if you meet with clients on a regular basis, you might find working from home not functional. Instead, they are able to visit an office space, and you can negotiate and correspond with them properly. It is more professional. When it comes to employees, we have mentioned that some like to go home at night. Indeed, many people complain that they cannot switch off from work when they are working remotely. They see their house as their office too. They end up looking at emails at home and never being able to relax. Renting an office means people have to come into the office, but they can leave everything behind at 5 pm. This is something that can boost productivity for your business.

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