Stuck In an Unwanted Timeshare? Get It Terminated by Professionals

By Christophe Rude Jan25,2023 #Timeshare
Stuck In an Unwanted Timeshare Get It Terminated by ProfessionalsStuck In an Unwanted Timeshare Get It Terminated by Professionals

Timeshare is a popular concept that used to have millions of users earlier. But in recent times, they have been struggling with massive backlash. Why? Because these timeshare companies have been cheating the clients into timeshare and dragging them to financial scams. Approximately 80% of people are now searching for a way out of their unwanted timeshare contract.   

The reason here is quite simple, with time, it becomes tough to handle timeshare property expenses – mortgage charges and maintenance fees. This ultimately affects the overall household expenses and forces the timeshare owner to sell their property or terminate the contract. However, if you are searching for the right way to end the contract, hire a reliable timeshare exit company! With the help of this guide, we have shared our unbiased “Reviews of timeshare cancellation companies” That may help you choose the most suitable timeshare company for yourself.  

Reviews of timeshare exit companies   

This section of the article will share a fair review of timeshare exit issues that might help you make a wise decision.   

  1. Seaside Consultants Group    

Seaside Consultants Group is one of the most popular timeshares exit companies in California, USA. This exit company is well known for its transparent conduct and 100% customer satisfaction. With their free consultation sessions, you can explore the details of your arrangement and come across a few laws entitled to it. 


  • Take on cases with delinquent maintenance fees  
  • Take on chances with foreclosed properties   
  • Expertise in handling – deceit, misinformation, high-pressure sales tactics, and misrepresentation  
  • Attorneys are available for legal representation  
  • Credit protection   
  • Spanish & English language   
  • Escrow payments   
  • Operational on weekends   
  • A+ BBB rating  


  • Don’t take on low maintenance fee timeshares   
  1. Resolution Timeshare Cancellation  

When we have to name a certified timeshare exit company, it must be a resolution timeshare cancellation! This exit company is famous for “the fact that they never harass their clients to buy services.” Another best thing is – “experts analyze your annual fees before offering a quote.” Since 2019, this firm has been terminating the timeshare contract and shares a good working relationship with attorneys and timeshare contract developers. Resolution Timeshare Cancellation also offers legal assistance, and they have a tie-up with professional lawyers who can help you terminate your contract. So, even if they suggest you become an advocate, they will not charge their commission from you.  


  • A+ BBB ratings       
  • Supports Escrow payment option   
  • Philanthropic focused      
  • Transparent termination process  
  • Affordable service  
  • Takes on low-maintenance timeshare contracts  


  • Not operational on weekends   
  1. Wesley financial group      

If you will go with the data collected, Wesley’s group is the one that has a 95% success rate. Since 2011, this company has been extending its services to unhappy timeshare contract owners. With the dedicated team, the Wasley group terminates your contract and eliminates any financial liability tied to your contract. The Wasley group only suggests that you continue paying your maintenance fee until you receive credit protection. Wesley Financial Group is true to its word, and they claim if the team is unable to terminate the contract, it will provide a 100% refund to its clients. The termination process is also simple. The team will review the account, look for account-related resolution, and terminate the contract.   

The best thing about the Wesley Financial Group is they use the “advocate model” to terminate the contract, which is a client-centric model. This module helps clients eliminate the financial obligations of an agreement with a single call or letter.  


  • Money-back guarantee  
  • 100% refund, if fails to terminate the contract   
  • High Dunn & Bradstreet Rating  
  • Thriving since 2012  
  • A+ BBB ratings  
  • 95+ success rate  
  • 400+ experienced employees  


  • Does not support Escrow payment option   


Terminating the contract is complex and can only be done with the assistance of professionals. With timeshare exit companies, you will get rid of your unwanted contract but maintenance charges & mortgage dept as well.   

So, what are you waiting for? Go through the article given above, if you are fine with the pros & cons of any specific company, you can hire them and get your contract terminated. But remember, the whole termination process may take minimum 6 months to maximum of 24 24 months. 

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