The Ultimate Guide on How to Hire Voice Talent

By Christophe Rude Oct9,2023
The Ultimate Guide on How to Hire Voice Talent
The Ultimate Guide on How to Hire Voice Talent

Find the best voice actor for your next project with a few easy steps. You can quickly compare voice actors’ costs, turnaround times, and levels of expertise. Some voice agencies have pre-selected rosters of professional voice talent you can hire directly. Others offer a freelance marketplace where millions of worldwide independent workers can sign up and bid for your job.

Know Your Audience

Whether you’re new to hiring voice actors for your creative project or are an experienced professional seeking the best talent at the right price on a tight deadline, this guide will help you get it done. This resource will guide you in finding the ideal voice actor, from writing a job posting to evaluating auditions.

One of the most important things to do when you hire voice talent Boston MA, is to understand your audience. It will help you write to their needs and expectations and ensure that your presentation is right for them. It is essential to match the level of information presented to the audience’s knowledge.

Know Your Script

You must know your script well before casting a voice actor. The more prepared you are, the smoother the process and the better the result.

Consider writing a treatment, a beefed-up prose version of your outline that gives the cast a glimpse into your artistic vision and what you hope the final product will look like. It will help voice actors understand your project better and give them ideas on how to portray it best.

It’s also a good idea to proofread your script carefully and ensure no misspelled words. It will show you’re serious about your work and make you seem professional to potential voice actors.

Know Your Budget

One major cause of small business failure is insufficient funding. Even voice acting, which has comparatively low startup costs (training, essential gear), requires money.

Depending on the industry and the project, rates can vary. For example, broadcast projects require different licensing terms than non-broadcast ones. In addition, experience can impact the rate a voice actor charges.

A voice actor must know your worth and set reasonable price ranges. Having a rate sheet is also a good idea, which can help the quoting process. Also, a pro can keep their costs in check by staying open to various jobs. It enables them to grow their portfolio and build experience. It can also increase their chances of getting the job they want.

Know Your Voice

Many people need to be made aware of the range of their voices and need clarification about what they’re capable of. If you want to sing higher or lower, there are ways to develop that range. For example, you can use an app to measure your vocal range and identify your tessitura (the range in which you sound most comfortable).

Study the singers in genres that you enjoy listening to. Listen to how they deliver their songs, and notice if they have a light or rich sound. You can also sign up for a choir or join a band to get the most creative with your vocal style.

The most important thing is good posture and breathing from your diaphragm. It will help your chest voice and allow you to hit those low notes.

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