Top Benefits of Using Steel Shooting Targets for Practice

Top Benefits of Using Steel Shooting Targets for Practice
Top Benefits of Using Steel Shooting Targets for Practice

Steel targets are becoming more popular amongst shooters due to their durability and ability to absorb bullet splatter. They are also much safer than paper targets if they are properly hung. While there is always a risk of an errant ricochet, by following the recommended distances away from the target and making sure the steel is rated appropriately, nearly all shooting accidents can be avoided.

Instant Feedback

Steel targets give shooters immediate feedback on whether they hit or missed. This can be beneficial when training for law enforcement or civilian purposes, as it helps the shooter program muscle memory and develop a sense of what they’re doing with their weapon.

It’s important to note that not all steel targets are created equal. Regular steel plates are prone to punching holes or leaving craters when shot at, and even thicker plates will start to show signs of pitting after repeated shots.

Choosing Origin Target Systems made with hardened steel is the best way to ensure safety and longevity. Powder coating and enamel paint also help extend the life of steel targets by preventing rust and making it easier to see the marks left by bullets.

Increased Accuracy

Unlike paper targets, steel can withstand repeated shots and dents. However, following specific guidelines when shooting at these targets is essential. These include maintaining a minimum safe distance, avoiding shooting at damaged or dented targets, and using the correct ammunition.

Using frangible ammunition on steel targets is also recommended to limit ricochet and splashback. Additionally, having a good attitude and respect for other competitors in the range is essential. 

Increased Safety

Shooters who use steel targets get immediate visual and auditory acknowledgment of their hits, which can enhance their training by conditioning them to be more mindful of each shot’s accuracy. This can increase their speed and precision when shooting tactically challenging scenarios that involve moving plates and targets.

While there is always a risk of errant bullet splatter returning toward the shooter (depending primarily on target thickness and distance), most steel target accidents are preventable by following best safety practices and observing proper firearms etiquette. This includes wearing appropriate eye protection and using a sturdy target holder to withstand repeated firing rounds.

Increased Entertainment

Steel targets that swing, reset, or move add fun to shooting practice. These reactive targets can help shooters increase their time at the range and make it a more enjoyable experience.

Reactive targets can offer instant acoustic and visual feedback on hits. This can also help to build the confidence of new shooters.

Excellent quality steel targets that have been appropriately heat-treated can last hundreds of thousands of rounds without damage. However, it is essential to always check the target for signs of rust and dents after each use. This can minimize the chance of unintended ricochets and extend the target’s life. Shooting on poor quality or softer targets can cause them to deform and create dangerous ricochets.

Less Maintenance

There is no need to constantly replace and change out paper or cardboard targets when shooting steel targets. These targets are made to last, allowing shooters to continue practicing without interruptions.

A good quality target should also be able to withstand thousands of rounds. Great targets are heat-treated to a specific thickness, allowing for repeated shooting without deformation or excessive wear and tear.

It’s important to note that most shooting accidents occur due to carelessness or failure to follow best practices. Using proper ammunition for steel targets, following manufacturer guidelines for minimum safe distances, and always shooting at the appropriate target thickness will help prevent ricochets and damage.

The reactive aspect of steel targets makes them fun to shoot and provides instant feedback for the shooter. This helps program muscle memory, improving the shooter’s ability to repeat and orchestrate the different variables involved in a successful movement or shot.

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