Top Things to Do While Visiting New York

Top Things to Do While Visiting New York

When it comes to New York, tourists usually think about the favored places that we see in movies. Yet, there are more great things to do besides the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. Here, we suggest the top activities in the Big Apple for you. To be on time everywhere, take rental cars for under 25-year-olds. That will be reasonable and available to every visitor!

High Line Park

Associations with New York City are high-rise buildings and lack time when everyone hurries up. With car rental, that is easy to hit the road in a busy city. Drive and join people in spaces to relax and enjoy nature, to parks. The first place goes to the great Central Park. People do sports, ride bikes, and go for picnics there. Another place is High Line Park. Indeed, it is admirable. Locals arranged a route on the place of the old railway tracks. It lasts almost 1.5 miles long and is 10 meters high. Arrive at the beginning of Hemsworth street and walk to West 34th St.

Moreover, that is a hub for contemporary artists to exhibit their art installations. The park is open all year round. You should check the admission hours before you go, though. The access is free of charge. 

New York affordable apartments for rent can be found in various neighborhoods such as Astoria, Brooklyn, and Harlem, providing an excellent opportunity for tourists to experience the city like locals.

American Museum of Natural History

Even if you are not a history buff, we suggest the American Museum of Natural History. It is next to Central Park. Being tired of a rental car for young drivers, arrange an exciting walk tour. Watch nature with tall trees and mighty rocks outside. Then learn nature’s secrets inside the museum. 

You will see dinosaur skeletons, one of the grandest exhibitions in the world. Then, explore the underwater world samples. Teleport to the forests and fauna of the northern USA. You may even visit the planetarium. We can go on and on listing all the historical things hosted there! Even if you rent a car, you can not travel in time! 

Broadway Street

Broadway is the name of the longest street in New York, although people think of it as the best place for musical shows and theaters. Indeed, New York kept the title of the cultural capital due to that area. Celebs dream of acting there, while people want to purchase tickets and attend the performances. You can surely do that! Choose a spectacle, order tickets long ahead of your trip, and you will have the weekend of your life! You have a wide selection of more than forty theater halls and dozens of performances. Then, go for a walk along with the neon signs of Broadway, local bars, and cafes. The Great White Road is waiting for you. Come to Manhattan to see all of that beauty!

Fifth Avenue

As Broadway is inseparable from musical theaters, Fifth Avenue is the land of prestige and wellness. That location is also in Manhattan and goes along with the eastern border of Central Park. Walking on it, you may turn to the Empire State Building, go up to the top, and feel like a king. Then, there is Millionaires Street, between 59th and 96th. It offers elite apartments for the most prosperous people. That is great if you like fashion and lifestyle because you may see it a lot here. As long as there are various luxury department boutiques with different brands, you may observe all of that personally. Tiffany, Prada, Cartier, and many others are on that list. Then, turn to the Museum Mile. There are nine museums, including Guggenheim and Cloister. So you can see a lot. 

The only thing about Manhattan is about parking your car. Check ahead of your trip, where you can drop it off for the most affordable price. You can park it free of charge if you know some lifehacks about free hours, sites, and signs. 

Rockefeller Center 

Rockefeller Center includes nineteen buildings in the art-deco style. There are the headquarters of various corporations, where business life is in full swing! Also, there are sites for tourists such as museums, music halls, art galleries, and others. 

The place has been impressive and inspiring people since the 1930th. For example, you will get a bird’s eye view of observing New York from the 70th floor. If you see it at the Top of the Rock, you will never forget it! The deck is open every day from 8 am to 12 am. 

Then, come to the housed Radio City Music Hall. This theater and concert hall remains the spirit of the glamourous and stylish 30s. Also, there is a gift for New Year. The center arranges the skating ring, dresses up in millions of lights, and decorates the Christmas tree in December. 

You will arrange the best getaway in New York with our tips! Do not forget to make plans and pre-order your wheels. Have a great time!

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