Which Is The World’s Best Baseball Team?

Which Is The World's Best Baseball Team?

“Which is the world’s best baseball team” is a huge source of debate among baseball lovers. And, there’s no lie if we say baseball matches are no less than a roller coaster. From ranking among the best teams to experiencing long spells of bad performance, these matches never fail to give viewers goosebumps.

Nevertheless, finding out about the best baseball teams is a significant aspect right before the match begins! Right before the tournament starts, look at the list of the world’s best baseball teams, drawn upon how the teams performed throughout their careers. To ensure authenticity, our expert panel has also contributed their knowledge about the game to help us decide which team outstands in the international ranking.

Curious to find out – take a look below:

World’s Best Baseball Teams Ranked By Experts

Rank #1: Los Angeles Dodgers

With outclass performance throughout matches, Dodgers have been successful in redeeming themselves as the world’s number 1 baseball team with striking scores in history. Los Angeles is among the rare teams that have managed to win 106 games back-to-back in three seasons. And not just that, this popular baseball team won 106 matches in 2021 and set a new record of 107 matches in 2022. Unfortunately, the tide of COVID shortened the game to 60 matches only, but despite that, Dodgers achieved a 116-win-pace and ensured their record of winning stays unbroken.

Dodgers fans never spare an opportunity to shower their love for the team. If that’s the case with you as well, equip yourself for the next match by getting a customized Los Angeles Dodgers Jacket or a hoodie, and cheer up your team wholeheartedly.

Rank #2: Houston Astros

Astros’ hardest hits in 2022 have created enough hubbub among its fans. From 2006 to 2013, Astros have given enough reasons for its fans to experience a wave of sadness due to the constant decline in its performance. This team, known for a famous player Craig Biggio bottomed out due to losing seasons in 2011, 2012, and 2013. But, in 2015 – this baseball squad emerged with fresh energy and defeated New York Yankees! Besides, Astros possess five pennants (four in American League and one in National League), and two World Series titles (2017 and 2022).

The constant ups and downs of the team delivered plenty of thrill among its admirers. But of course – the team’s hard work and winning history helped Astros secure the second spot on the list.

Rank #3: New York Mets

New York Mets secure the third spot on this list – and we know that’s not a surprise! Mets reside on this list and successfully cemented a spot in their fans’ hearts by winning 100 matches three times. In 2022, the Mets revamped their winning streak by winning 100+ matches for 4th time, but failed to take MLB trophy home! Out of 4 times, two times, the Mets have taken the MLB trophy to their homes with high spirits. This team takes great pride in their accomplishments and keeps their heads and shoulder high.

Considering the previous record of accomplishments of the Mets, it is evident that this team has the potential to bring MLB trophy home! Let’s not discourage them; instead, cheer them up so they are motivated enough to outperform next time.

Rank #4: Atlanta Braves

With 4 wins of World Series titles (1941, 1957, 1995, and 2021), Atlanta Braves are all set to walk into the next match with confidence to make another deep run. And not only World Series titles, but their 18 National League pennants are also worth bragging about. Founded by one of the National Association Of Professional Baseball members, Ivers Whitney Adams, this team has experienced great success in its career. Although this team has come to light from a decade of poor performance, but also marked a colorful winning history in baseball.

Undeniably, Braves is one of the best baseball teams admired by baseball lovers worldwide. Winning and losing is part of the game, and admirers should own both. Stay by their side by buying purchasing a customized jacket that reflects your love for the desired team. Whether you need a buffalo bills jacket or an Atlanta Braves jacket, the online world has everything stored in it.

Rank #5: New York Yankees

New York Yankees is the best synonym for the “most successful baseball team in the world”. The golden winning streak of this team is paired with a huge number of accolades. No other baseball club or team has been able to come closer to the history of NYY. With 27 World Series Championships, 40 American League Pennants, and 19 American League East to their name, NYY has an estimated $5 billion value. From maintaining a winning span for nine straight American Leagues to becoming the first team that hit three grand slams in a single game – their history is worth recording.

Rank #6: St. Louis Cardinals

With history’s greatest winning record, the Cardinals have left their mark in baseball history. As one of the most steadily successful teams, the Cardinals have won 11 World Series titles and 23 league pennants. Falling after NYY in the list, the Cardinals have a great reputation for never losing 100 games in a season. Although in the World Series of the 1950s, 1970s, and 1990s, the team failed to enter the match. But despite that, the Cardinals are known for giving tough competition to the party on the other side.

Rank #7: Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays experienced their first winning in 1983, and after two decades – they were called “division champs”. Blue Jays have made a successful history in World Series to be an AL East powerhouse; success has been a unique signature style of Jays! Apart from a heart-melting win-loss record of 3,506 to 3,557, the Jays are one of only two MLB franchises are holds a streak of being undefeatable throughout many World Series.

It’s the only team that doesn’t play in the United States but in the city.

Warping Up

Baseball fever has been looming over the world! It’s a game that’s played with a bat, ball, glove, and passion. People have admired this sport forever, but baseball is now more common than ever before due to technological advancement. We hope you enjoyed looking at your favorite team on the list.

Let us know what you think about the mentioned teams, and which team lives in your heart!

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