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By Christophe Rude Mar7,2023

Are you from the South? If your answer is yes then you must have visited Golden Corral restaurant. It is the most famous restaurant in America. They started a new journey in 1973. They started hard working and they did not compromise on service and quality. In the list of the Top 200 Food and Restaurant Franchises of 2018, Golden Corral ranks #1 among the Full-Service Restaurants. That was the big approach you know.  The first Golden Corral was in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It started out as a steakhouse that could accommodate up to 175 people.

Then it grew all over the South, and in small cities from Texas to Virginia. Golden Corral is not expensive as they give the services. You know the most expensive deal is weekend dinner, and that will only cost you approximately $14.99 per person for the food. Another benefit is that if you are a regular customer and you are now above 60, then prices will down for you. They offered you Breakfast, lunch, and dinner deals which are value-for-money deals. They give the best treats to the kids.

Now talking about the menu prices they have

Items Menu = Price range

Family Meals = 9$ to 10$

Popular Items = 9$ to 12$

Signature Salads = 1$ to 9$

Pizza = 6$ to 8$

Famous Fried Chicken = 2$ to 30$

Large Party = 4$ to 38$

Large Party Platters = 2$ to 38$

Desserts = 1.5$ to 2.5$

Beverages = 2$ to 5$

Sides = 2$ to 9$

And if you want to know the exact golden corral prices of every item in the restaurant near me then you have to visit where you will see all the detailed prices. Note that these are the estimated prices, maybe a little bit of increase or decrease you can see at the restaurant. So if you are interested in their deals and talking about my recommendations, visit it soon, and you’ll probably make it a habit to return again and again

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