How to Fix my Snapchat Keeps on Crashing On Android?

How to Fix my Snapchat Keeps on Crashing On Android

Snapchat and Android are both relatively stable and run at least 95% of the time. It wasn’t like before, but improvements to the phone’s operating system and the app mean that your Snapchat experience, for the most part, should be hassle-free. This is not always the case, however. Despite the improvements in technology, this app seems to crash more than other apps. That’s why we’ve put together this tutorial on what to do if Snapchat keeps crashing on Android altogether.

We might be using Snapchat more or it might be doing something other than WhatsApp, Facebook, or Kik. In my personal experience and though anecdotal, if an app ever crashes, it’s Snapchat. This page contains some actions you can take if you are experiencing the same problem.

Snapchat keeps crashing on the Android

Most of the steps you should try will work on any app, not just Snapchat. This is a proven removal process that starts the light off and then becomes more involved if these simple solutions don’t work. Try them in the order written here and one of them will try to prevent Snapchat from unraveling.

Restart SnapchatSnapchat

If crashes without errors or do not affect the rest of your phone, simply restart it. You may find that the Snapchat process is still running, but the app is not, but I’ll cover it here.

1.     Open the app bar and select Snapchat.

2.     If it doesn’t open, select Settings and apps.

3.     Select Snapchat and Force Close.

4.     Try to open Snapchat again.

The app and process can run independently and I’ve seen right where the app itself shuts down, but the process is either closed or still running and won’t let you reopen the app. Using Force Close fixes this.

Clear application for

the application cache is similar to the computer RAM cache. A place where an application can temporarily place application files so that they can be used while it is running. Sometimes these files become corrupt or unreadable so clearing this cache can save a lot of trouble.

1.     Open Settings and Apps

2.     Select Snapchat on your device.

3.     Select Storage.

4.     Select Clear Data and Clear Cache Clear Once

these, try Snapchat again. If the issue is with the cache then the app should now work fine again

Check for updates

Updating from Android or Snapchat can sometimes fix the app crashing so it’s not a problem. A bad idea to check for updates if it doesn’t work these steps. Depending on how your device is configured, simply connecting to WiFi will trigger updates. Otherwise, try this:

1.     Turn on Wi-Fi on your device.

2.     Open Google Play and select Check for updates.

3.     Allow updates to be downloaded and installed, if available.

4.     Check for an operating system update by opening Settings, Software update, or About phone.

Different manufacturers put the option to update the operating system in different places. Samsung uses software updates in settings while other manufacturers may leave it at default in About phone. If you don’t have either, it will be somewhere in the settings.

It’s rare for an update to fix a broken app unless it’s a known issue or bug, but it’s still a good idea to do. It sure wouldn’t hurt to update everything!

Uninstall Recently Installed Apps

Now that you’ve reached this point, we need to take a closer look at what’s going on on your device. Did you download anything else before Snapchat started crashing on your Android device? Do you want to install new camera apps, new stickers, filters, or something else?

If you do, uninstall it again and try again. The problem may not be related to Snapchat at all. Some camera apps or effect filters may “lock” the camera and Snapchat stop working. If you installed other apps just before all this started, use the uninstall process and delete each app until Snapchat is working again.

Reinstall Snapchat

If nothing has worked so far, our only option is to uninstall Snapchat and install it again. This is the last resort but it can correct a lot of errors. It can also delete a lot of your preferences. Make sure, however, to back up all your data first.

Select Settings and Applications.

  • ·  Select Snapchat and select Uninstall.
  • ·  Go to Google Play and install a new version of the application.
  • ·  Retest and find out what going to happen.

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