How to invest in cryptocurrencies?

How to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2022

Due to the great boom that cryptocurrencies have had in the world market, the interest of investors in digital currencies is increasing. Everyone wants to invest in cryptocurrencies. And, for many, one of their biggest concerns knows, which the best applications to invest in cryptocurrencies. Since nobody wants to risk placing their money on platforms of dubious reputation. Next, we present a list of what for us are the best applications to invest in cryptocurrencies.


It is considered one of the best applications to invest in cryptocurrencies. Also seen as one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, Binance hardly needs an introduction. The brand speaks for itself. The Maltese trading platform is available as an app for Android and iOS. In addition to Bitcoin and the proprietary cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB), the app supports many altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies), including virtually all of the major ones. It is equipped with many advanced features and also supports futures contract trading with up to 125x leverage trading on hand BTC-USDT.


Bit2me is a provider of cryptocurrency buying and selling services created in 2014, with its headquarters in Spain and a presence throughout Europe. But you can access the site and carry out operations from anywhere in the world. Its platform allows you to acquire Bitcoin and 20 other types of different cryptocurrencies, including the most popular ones, accepting multiple forms of payment including cash, 24/7. The downside of Bit2me is its high trading fees of 2.76% for Bitcoin.


BitFlyer is one of the largest cryptocurrency market operators established in Japan, founded by Takafumi Komiyama and Yuzo Kano in January 2014. It is one of the largest exchanges of its kind with 2.5 million users. The company is constantly developing by introducing new technologies related to the topic of cryptocurrencies. BitFlyer users have access to many advanced trading options within the platform in the United States, present in Europe since 2017.


BitPanda Pro is another of those considered among the best applications to invest in cryptocurrencies. It is an advanced trading platform and digital asset exchange that allows you to trade popular digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Founded in Vienna, BitPanda Pro is 100% owned by BitPanda and serves as a highly liquid trading portal for cryptocurrency trading. This trading platform offers investors to trade crypto assets and other digital assets at a competitive cost. As well as other digital asset classes, it can be exchanged for EUR, BTC, and BEST.


It is a popular, reliable, and secure cryptocurrency exchange with no accounts compromised, money lost or stolen since its launch in 2013. CEX.IO is mainly used to buy Bitcoins immediately using the website or mobile app available on iOS, and Android. With multiple payment methods supported, such as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, Skrill, and more, CEX.IO is one of the best crypto spares in the world.


Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and one of the best applications to invest in cryptocurrencies. It offers a feature-rich trading app that you can link directly to your bank account. The app supports multiple payment methods to buy and trade cryptocurrencies. These include SEPA transfers, debit/credit card payments, Interac Online, and more. The app contains several advanced tools to help you build a strong cryptocurrency wallet. Possibilities include auto-buy, instant price change notifications, secured BTC deposits, etc. is a cryptocurrency platform for payments, offering a range of services aimed at embracing the crypto economy for the general public. It all started with the “Monaco” brand, a startup that started in 2017 and aimed to bridge the gap between the traditional financial system and the crypto economy, then bought the domain. On the platform, you can buy and sell many types of cryptocurrencies. Through a debit card (visa) that Crypto provides.


Gemini was the first cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, to offer an exchange of cryptocurrencies and USD. The Gemini trading app is actually an extension of the company’s mobile wallet functionality. Which prior to 2018 was the only way users could buy and sell digital assets. The app is fast, has a user-friendly interface, and allows you to easily deposit money to buy and sell compatible cryptocurrencies with the touch of a finger.

Kraken Pro

Kraken is one of the safest and most trusted exchanges in the world. Well, since its creation in 2011 it has never been a victim of hackers. It operates from its headquarters in San Francisco. In the United States since its foundation, and with servers in Europe and Japan. And it has to its credit the largest volume of exchanges in all of Europe compared to its competitors. On Kraken, you can trade 38 types of cryptocurrencies and 6 different types of fiat currencies.


KuCoins is another leading cryptocurrency exchange with global reach and an established brand. You can easily buy your favorite cryptocurrencies on this platform with a card. Thanks to its user-friendly user interface, Kucoin is intuitive even for novice users with no prior experience using cryptocurrency trading apps. The app offers real-time market analysis features, price alerts, and insightful candlestick charts to help you manage your investment portfolio.


Considered by many to be the best service to buy, sell and store the two most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its intuitive and graphically attractive interface is easy to use. To start buying Bitcoin or Ethereum, all you need to do is register on the site, provide the required details, and choose one of several available authorization methods. During registration, the system will automatically create your individual wallet, in which you can store the purchased coins.


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