How to Make Your Own Keychains and Use It As A Fashion Accessory

How to Make Your Own Keychains and Use It As A Fashion AccessoryHow to Make Your Own Keychains and Use It As A Fashion Accessory

Keychain is more than just a tool that helps you carry your keys without fear of losing them. However,
its function is not limited to that. We also use keychains as fashion accessories. This article will discuss
how you can make a custom keychain at home that you can use as a fashion accessory. So if that excites
you, keep on reading because we’ll give you amazing tips on making aesthetic, useful, and personalized
keychains with ease.

Which material is used to make keychains?

One of the most used materials to make keychains nowadays is acrylic. Acrylic is a material that has
been used in making keychains for many years now. It’s a hard and durable plastic material, which is
why it’s great to use in the production of all sorts of items such as keychains, badges, lighters, and even
Besides that, we also use wood, plastic, and metal, but we widely use acrylic keychains because of their
strength and neat look. Plus, we use acrylic to make our keychains because it’s a flexible material that
can be easily molded into any shape. It is also lightweight and easy to cut, which makes it easy for us to
create beautiful designs and shapes using this material.

Why make a custom keychain?

Making your own keychain is a great way to express your creativity and show off your unique style. It’s
also an easy and inexpensive project that you can do yourself with minimal tools and materials. You can
personalize your keychain with any design you like, or use it to showcase an important memory or
message. You can even add glitter or confetti to make your keychain sparkle!
Custom keychains are also a great way to personalize your keys. They’re also thoughtful gifts that your
friends and family will love. The customization options are endless, and you can make a keychain that
suits your personality and interests.

How to make your own custom keychain?

Below we share with you the steps needed to make your own keychain, including what materials to use,
how to design it, and how to attach it securely. We’ll also provide some tips on ensuring that the
keychain lasts its impression for years on the people you give it to. So let’s get started!

1. Find a Material You Want to Make a Keychain Of

As we said earlier, you can use many materials to make a keychain. You can make acrylic, plastic, fabric,
wood, rubber, and even metal keychains. So, to make a keychain that also acts as a fashion accessory,
you must decide on the material first. If you want a shiny keychain, go for a metal one. You can choose
wood to make the keychain if you want a classic one. Similarly, you can use acrylic if you want a lustrous,
strong, lightweight keychain.
Another thing you want to consider when choosing a keychain material is its design. Acrylic is the best
material if you’re making a cartoon or any character or symbol keychain. Metal and wood are best for
square, round, or any usually shaped keychains. For example, if you want to make a photo keychain,
wood is best for it.

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2. Cut the material in your Desired Shape Using Cricut Machine

Once you decide the type of keychain you want to make, move forward to making that keychain.
Keychain making has become easier since we got the Cricut machine. It lets us easily cut hard and soft
materials into the shape we desire. And using this machine is very easy. You just need to have a design
ready and make it in the Design Space software. After that, you just need the material, such as wood,
acrylic, or metal, and place it on a cutting mat. Then you insert that mat in the Cricut machine and let it
automatically cut the shape that you designed on the Design Space application.
For example, if you want to make a cartoon character shape or, let’s say, flower shape keychain, you can
bring that shape to the application, and it will cut your keychain material into that shape. You got your
design ready. But make sure you also design a small hole in your keychain top or bottom that can attach
the keychain ring to it.

3. Attach the Ring to Your Keychain

Once you ready your design, you need to attach the ring. This ring has small chains that let you attach
your keys to it. You can attach this ring by making a hole in the keychain. But in case you don’t want to
make a hole as you think it will distort the keychain look, you can use the backside of the keychain to
attach the ring. However, this method can be a little daunting as you’d need a few extra accessories for
that. So we suggest making a hole in the keychain as most of the keychain makers do the same.

4. Color the Keychain and Give it a Final Touch

Adding color and giving it a final touch are two essential steps in ensuring that your keychain looks
perfect. With the right materials, you can add the color and design of your choice to the keychain. We
generally use multi-surface or acrylic paint when coloring acrylic keychains. Once you are done with the
coloring process, you need to give it a final touch by adding accessories like beads or charms (if
necessary). This will make your keychain stand out from the rest and will be a great conversation starter.

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Using Keychain as a Fashion Accessory

A keychain is a great way to add a bit of personality to your keys. They’re small, but they can be just as
fun as any other accessory in your wardrobe. Using a keychain as a fashion accessory is becoming
increasingly popular as people look for ways to express themselves through their clothing. We can use
keychains in various ways, such as adding to an outfit, for example, hanging them from your belt loop or
tying them with your bracelet. The options are endless!

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