Touched by an Angel Salon Hairdressing and Aesthetics

Touched by Angel Salons Hairdressing and aesthetics
Touched by Angel Salons Hairdressing and aesthetics

Despite the fact that hairdressing and aesthetics are different services that can be performed in specific centers, places that offer both activities are common, providing a comprehensive service. Touched by Angel Salon and school are such beauty centers that offer both versatile services collectively to their clients. A hairdresser is a place where aesthetic services related to hair care are offered, mainly haircut and hairstyle, while in a beauty or aesthetic salon, services related to image care are provided.

Hairdressing and beauty services

Although hairdressing and aesthetics are two different activities that can be provided in specialized centers. The existence of establishments that offer services for both activities is increasingly common, presenting a comprehensive service offer.


We can define hairdressing as the establishment in which aesthetic services related to hair care are provided, consisting of activities of washing, cutting, styling, dyeing, waving, and similar actions on the hair, performed by hairdressers. Additionally, some hairdressers may offer complimentary aesthetic services. Such as waxing, manicures, or pedicures, among others, in addition to the sale of related products, such as hair products or cosmetic and perfumery items. Generally, in men’s hairdressers, in addition to the hairdressing service, a shaving service is offered. In this case, they are also called barber shops, the professional being the barber.


A beauty salon is also called a beauty center, institute of beauty, or aesthetics. It is an establishment that provides services related to image care. In this type of commercial establishment, clients are usually offered all kinds of beauty treatments, performed by beauticians, such as hairdressing services, services for skin health, facial aesthetics, hand and foot care, aromatherapy, and mud baths. , hair removal centers, tattoo and piercing studios, nail treatment, and many other services. An aesthetic center can offer several services related to image and beauty, or be specialized in one of them. In addition, aesthetics can be a differentiated business or a complementary service to other activities, since other centers such as hairdressers, gyms, shops specialized in perfumery and cosmetics, or tanning centers, usually offer beauty treatments.

Currently, hairdressing and aesthetics can be found both in differentiated establishments with specialized professionals. As well as in establishments that incorporate various services from both activities together, coupling. For example, aesthetics to hairdressing, which allows a complete service to be offered to the client.

Cosmetics and makeup

Cosmetics are substances intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, or altering the appearance without affecting the structure or function of the body. Therefore, the term cosmetic includes makeup, deodorant, shampoo, shower gel, etc. The art of applying cosmetics to beautify, preserve, or care for the skin, face, and hair is called cosmetics.

Make-up is the practice of decorating the skin and other visible parts of the body to modify its appearance. Usually to obtain a good appearance. By extension, the cosmetics that are used for makeup are called makeup, such as lipsticks and eye shadow.

In Touched by an Angel Beauty School, many cosmetics are used, both for hair and skin care, as well as for various treatments or hygiene. In general, hairdressers and beauty salons also sell professional cosmetic products. Let’s see some of the cosmetics used in hairdressing and beauty salons:

  • Hair conditioner
  • Setting lotion.
  • Shampoo
  • Hair spray.
  • Dye.
  • Shaving cream.
  • Aftershave.
  • Makeup.
  • Make-up remover

Nail aesthetics

The aesthetics of nails is beautification and care of hands, usually by using artificial nails or nail extensions. Nail aesthetics is a highly demanded aesthetic treatment in beauty centers. Since the hands are a letter of introduction in any circumstance of life, in addition to helping to improve self-esteem and well-being. And to achieve that goal it is necessary to wear perfect nails.

What is nail aesthetics?

The hands are the protagonists in any circumstance of life, whether for professional or personal reasons. Since they are a letter of introduction. Nail aesthetics allows us to have perfect nails, which greatly helps to improve our self-esteem, image, and well-being.

Nail aesthetics is also known under the name of artificial nails, false nails, false nails, nail extensions, and other names. They are not used as in the case of false teeth, to replace natural teeth, but rather they are superimposed or extensions are built to make them look longer and more beautiful.

Artificial nails can be of various types and materials. In general terms, they are used to imitate natural ones so that the hands look more beautiful. But there are also some fashion trends in which nails are decorated in very novel ways that have nothing to do with natural nails.

Artificial Nails

There are different types of artificial nails, some of which are only the tips that adhere to the nails. And then are covered with a layer of some acrylic material. Others are full nail shapes that are attached from the base of the natural nail. Both come in different colors, from plain and traditional colors to complicated designs and combinations. And they are also decorated with a myriad of motifs, whether painted or applied.

There are other nails also made with resins that are made directly at the beauty salon on a mold placed on the back of the nail. Once the resin hardens, the mold is removed. The nail is shaped and decorated as desired.

Nowadays, the so-called gel nails have become very popular. These come in pre-molded pieces so there may be difficulties in adapting to natural nails, although they do offer some flexibility. The acrylic ones are harder and more resistant. It is made to make it a perfect adaptation of the original nail.

There are also artificial nails called porcelain, which is made with fiberglass. They are of a finer appearance but are also more fragile.

It is very important to use a disinfectant before applying any type of artificial nails to avoid fungal infections due to the long stay on the natural nail. This prevents proper oxygenation since none of the materials used is usually breathable.

The different types of artificial nails require some maintenance since the natural nail continues to grow, so it will be necessary to periodically fill gaps, patch the surface and touch up the decoration. A great advantage is that there are homemade methods to make any of the types of nails yourself.

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