How To See What Someone Likes or Comments on Instagram

For a lot of weird reasons, people often wonder how to see someone’s activity on Instagram. The “Following” tab used to be the simple way to check on the activity of other users on the platform. But can we see what someone likes or comments in 2023?

The “Following” tab is no more

Previously, users on Instagram could see what their friends likes or commented on, by tapping on the “Following” tab in their feed.

But Instagram has confirmed that they are scrapping the feature very soon.

Launched in 2011, this feature was meant to allow users to check on the activity of Insta accounts they followed.

Also, Instagram stated that it will help Instagrammers discover new content and profiles.

But as the data showed people could find and engage with the new and fresh content on the “Explore” tab, Instagram has finally decided to remove the feature from the app. 

The next section will explain how you can check other users’ activity on the app after the “Following” tab has been removed.

How to check someone’s activity on Instagram?

The simple answer is, no you can’t see the activity of others (likes and comments on other people’s posts).

In the past, when the “Following” tab was available to the users, users could simply tap on it and they would see the activity of their friends or the accounts they had followed.

But, there is another way you can do that but it takes a little bit of effort. Here is how it goes;

  • If you visit a profile, you should scroll down until you find a post you want to know if someone you know has liked the post.
  • If you tap on the likes, you can see the list of all the people who’ve liked that post. 
  • You can scroll the list to see if any of your friends or somebody you know has liked the post or not.

There are third-party software tools that claim to give you this information, but we’re not sure how accurate or safe they are.

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How to see what others have posted? 

There are two situations you want to see what others have posted.

The first scenario is when you follow an account and you want to see its activity. You should be able to see their posts in your feed as you scroll down.

If you don’t see any posts, here are the steps you can take;

  • You can simply go to the search bar and type in their profile name,
  • From there, you can tap on their profile details and land on their account. Now you can see their activity,
  • If you want to see a particular post, just tap on it and you can see the post along with the likes and comments on that.

The second scenario is that you want to find what posts a particular profile has posted and you don’t follow the profile.

In this condition, you can simply follow the above steps to see all the posts they have posted with the latest ones on the top.

One important thing to remember is that you can only see the posts if they’ve made the profile public.

If the profile is private, then you need to request them to be able to follow them and see their posts.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can you see what someone has liked on Instagram?

If your account is public, then anyone can see your posts along with the likes and comments that you make on posts from other accounts.

Your followers will be able to see your username under the post you’ve liked. For example [your username] and 17 others.

If your account is set to private, then your posts are only visible to your approved followers including the likes and comments it has.

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Can we buy Instagram comments to grow on Instagram?

The answer is yes. Many brands and businesses buy Instagram comments to generate high activity on their content and increase their reach.

This is a faster and more effective way to gain traction on the platform and reach a wider audience.

It will give you the leverage of gaining popularity on the platform in a short time and grow it further.

How to get more followers on my Insta profile?

You need to make a clear growth plan for growing your following and brand on Instagram.

Researching your audience (who they are, what are their pains, what are their passions, what excites them, what they hate, etc), providing value, engaging with them, and publishing consistently will help you hit your goals.

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Final words

Instagram, like any other social medium for that matter, has always been evolving and bringing changes to improve the user experience and benefit them. The team behind the popular photo-sharing app is very enthusiastic about social listening and testing new and exciting features. While you can’t see what other users are doing on the app (Instagram focuses on user privacy), there are some options you can get a bit of that.

As the platform continues to grow, we hope it will become more and more valuable for both the audience and businesses alike.

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