How to Succeed in Your e-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Applied to the e-commerce sector, marketing is the implementation of actions allowing sustainable traffic to be generated on its site in order to increase its sales and retain its consumers. These strategies are essential given the competition on the web. And despite the diversity of existing strategies, none is better than another. Their implementation depends on the sector of activity and sometimes has to be done simultaneously.

In this article, we have grouped together with the 4 marketing strategies essential to any e-commerce site.

1. The happy marketing

Content marketing is a paid strategy if you want to increase your conversion rate.

By producing blog articles, videos, infographics, guides for your products, etc., you provide relevant and high added value information for your visitors. Enough to convince them to go to your e-commerce site and go on to buy. Do not forget to hire a perfect eCommerce development company to build your site user friendly and SEO ready.

If the purchase act is one of your first goals, keep in mind that you must first educate your visitors about your products before they go to checkout.

Take for example an e-commerce site that sells a new pair of basketballs. In the happy marketing strategy, the promotion of this product will have to be more subtle than a simple announcement “Discover our superb new pair of basketball.

It is more relevant to write a blog article answering a question that consumers ask themselves, for example, “What type of basketball should be chosen for running? To promote this new product.

If you do this and you work the SEO of your article carefully, internet users will fall on it when searching Google.

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2. Automation of marketing emails

Emails are a necessity for your e-commerce site. This is one of the best ways to influence your consumers to buy more.

You can use this strategy against your prospects, your current customers, and even your former buyers.

Thanks to the segmentation of your contacts and the automation of shipments you are able to disclose relevant messages at the right time.

Here are some types of automated emails that you can integrate into your marketing strategy :

Marketing email can be used for many purposes: to retain your customers, publicize new things, offer discounts, support prospects in their purchasing process, etc.

Whichever way you use this strategy, the ideal is to customize emails so that your subscribers feel privileged.

3. The reducing

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of visitors to your e-commerce site do not convert on their first visit. And very often, they never come back…

Unless you are implementing a bridging strategy.

The objective of this strategy is to trace these Internet users and then offer them targeted advertisements on other websites.

You can also retarget your visitors through an email campaign. The email sent after a basket abandonment, as we have just seen previously, is part of a bridging strategy.

4. Social marketing media

Social networks are the most profitable channel for promoting the products of your e-commerce site.

However, publishing occasionally is not enough. You have to develop a real marketing campaign on these different platforms and to make internet users want to buy your products you have to take care of the quality of your images.

If there is one social network on which you must be present, it is Instagram. Carousels, stories, and filters are all functionalities that enhance your products creatively.

There are even tools allowing you to insert links to the product sheet of your articles. Nothing better to increase your conversions!

Finally, you can share your marketing content on Facebook or Twitter and thus reach a wider audience. Remember that video remains the preferred format for engaging your community.

To increase your sales tenfold, build a lasting relationship with your customers and develop a sense of confidence, these marketing strategies must be carried out in parallel with other actions.

So don’t forget to optimize your payment processes, take care of your produced sheets or highlight your delivery costs to avoid any bad surprises at the time of payment.

For the development of your e-commerce site, you can call on a developer specialized in the field. There are many on

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