Huawei Mate X Review Best Look of Foldable Phone

Huawei Mate X Review Best Look of Foldable Phone

Huawei introduced the first foldable smartphone in the mobile world. This device is called  Huawei Mate X it came just after the four days of Samsung’s similar Galaxy fold device. The Huawei Mate X comes in interstellar blue Which is hard to see in real life.

It was introduced in 2019. It has a foldable device. This is transformed from an 8-inch to a 6.38-inch smartphone. It looks like you are folding the future in your hand. Its full view Bazel reduced screen makes it better than the Samsung Galaxy fold.

Design and screen

  • It Has Clasp System
  • 8-inch Tablet
  • OLED tech core design
  • The phone screen is 6.6 inch
  • Ratio is 21:9
  • It is Scratch resistance
  • More durable

Huawei Mate x was a clasp system, it used to keep the screen firmly flush when it was in folding had a button on the back of the phone when you pressed it. It can be unfurled into an 8-inch tablet.

The front phone screen is 6.6 inches. This was the position where the Huawei Mate X stands out as compared to Samsung. Its screen ratio is 21:9 and it looks cool while watching the movies. You can activate the smaller display and save the battery.

This is an OLED display With its OLED tech in the core,  is power-saving. Its screen is a vertical bar. It has a triple camera system.USB-C port for charging. Huawei mentioned that the clasp is needed for the complete flush fold. It is more durable. It has a flexible display and is scratch-free.


  • It Has a Triple Camera System
  • The front Camera is 24.79MP
  •  It has a rear camera for selfies
  • It has a 9.98 MP camera
  • Dual flash LED

It has the triple camera mode. The selfie camera works well. The frame adjusts easily. 

Software And features

  • It is operating Android software with 9.0 Pie and EMUI 9,1
  • It has a user interface

This Huawei Mate X ships with the android 9 and it can not operate the google app. But the google suite app runs perfectly in it. You can operate different apps on multiple screens. You will get the different features because it is just like Huawei phones.


  • Its RAM is 8GB 2133MHZ
  • Internal storage is 512 GB
  • It can support the external added memory.


  • It has Wifi
  • USB is type C
  • It has 4G LTE data

Performance and Battery

  • Lt has an RYYB sensor
  • 4500 mah battery

Huawei Mate X’s performance is fine. It is ready to use the 5G with the Balong 5000 chip. But the camera system will change in the future. The battery is enough to use. You can charge the battery and use it the entire day.


  •  USD $2608


Overall it is a good addition to Huawei. it folds with two larger outer screens. It becomes a tablet with an 8-inch expansion and its hinges feel solid in hand. It has high-power specs. But there is also an issue with mid-crease reflecting light sometime. It is very expensive. But overall it is an excellent device.

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