When You Should Get Paintless Dent Repair

When You Should Get Paintless Dent Repair

Want something quick to get rid of the dents that are masking the beauty of your vehicle? Paintless dent repair is your solution. In general, people think that dent removal can only be done by conventional means that are both expensive and time taken. In fact, we can’t blame people for thinking like that because most of the time dent repair shops don’t tell them about paintless dent repair options to make some extra money. Of course, this is wrong on their side but don’t worry we are here to tell you all you need to know about (PDR).

When could you get paintless dent repair?

PDR is a simple, inexpensive, and eco-friendly technique to revive your car’s body condition. It is used to deal with the dents and dings to the outer body of your vehicle. Moreover, it is also helpful in dealing with the damage caused by natural elements that can negatively affect your car. The best you can have for the damage to your car’s exterior is paintless dent repair. In this regard, nick’s dent car is offering its extensive Paintless Dent Repair Denton TX service under which you will have excellent PDR services for your car.

So far, we have discussed how PDR can be helpful in dealing with minor to moderate dents and dings but you may be wondering how these dents can be treated like they were never there before. So, for that, we will see the procedure that PDR follows.

Phases of the paintless dent repair process

There are four phases that constitute the PDR process

  • Situation analysis

At this stage, the extent of damage is analyzed. At this stage, it is decided whether the damage can be dealt with paintless dent repair or not.  In this phase, technicians analyze the situation and decide whether the vehicle could be treated with PDR or not.

  • Dent assessment

In this phase, technicians assess the area surrounding the dent and on the other side of the dent. During the process, the other side of the dent may require removing panels so this assessment is an important phase of the PDR process. Apart from the dent and its surrounding areas technicians also inspect the whole exterior of the car body to ensure that it doesn’t have any more dents on the car’s body.

  • Close inspection of the dent

As surgeons need to better understand the site of surgery similarly dent technicians need to have a better view of the dent to do the job properly. At this phase, they closely inspect the site of the dent.

  • Dent massage

This is the ending stage at which technicians use special tools to exert pressure on the back side of the dent to massage the dent out thus reviving it to its original condition.

Effectiveness of paintless dent repair

Claiming that paintless dent repair can deal with any kind of dent whether small or large will be a lie. You need to know it is not like no matter what kind of dent it is, PDR will be effective.

To be honest, this kind of dent repair is effective only for small to moderate dents. For larger dents, your car would need extensive services in terms of dent repair and paintless dent repair would not do the job for large dents as it can do for small dents. For dents like parking lot dents, hail damage, or any other minor dents PDR works wonders. You can’t even assess that the dent was there with the right PDR. So, questioning the effectiveness of PDR is out of the question but for minor to medium dents. With Mobile Dent Repair Denton TX you can even have services for large dents without any trouble. Moreover, we will reach you wherever you want so don’t stress out about the dents over your car as we are here for you.

Benefits of paintless dent repair 

If the dent on your car can be subjected to paintless dent repair treatment. Then you can have the following benefits with this process.

  • Your car’s original paint coat would be undamaged during the treatment of the dent.
  • Quick and flexible method. You won’t have to undergo a lengthy procedure of treating the dent by conventional means.
  • It is less expensive than detailed dent treatment. So, it would be one of the most cost-effective treatments you can find.
  • It works fine with aluminum and steel panels.


In the end, the only conclusion we come up with is. You will have extensive services with paintless dent repair with lots of benefits on the side. So, consider this option seriously if your car has only tiny or medium size dents.

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