How to do Best Mongraal Settings

Mongraal is both an esports streamer and a professional player. Mongraal is just 17 years old and is part of a winning team in esports. He is a British player and one of the youngest. He is a Fortnight player, and you can see him on his channel. However, he also has lots of experience with gaming. This makes it easier to adapt to new games. He plays Valorant, a Battle Royale. You can also now see him as Valiant. When he is asked, his family isn’t too much of a mystery. He prefers to keep his private life secret. His YouTube and Twitch channels are well-known. His fans want to know his settings and how he plays. Continue reading for more information about his settings

Mongraal Career

Since he was a youngster, Mongraal has been playing games on his laptop. He began taking part in competitions at the age of 10, and also began playing H1Z1. He became interested in competitive gaming after he started playing H1Z1. Shortly after Fortnite’s release, he switched to Fortnite. Montreal is very satisfied with his gaming career. However, he also strives to excel in school.

Mongraal Income

Many people are curious about Mongraal’s income. His primary source of Mongraal income is through his social media channels. These include his Youtube and Twitch channels.

Schedule for Streaming

Mongraal is still at school so streaming for him becomes more difficult. He will still be streaming up to four hours per day. If you’d like to view his streams, you can follow him on his channel.

Mongraal Video Settings

Mongraal kept the frame rate high to get the best picture. Below are all Mongraal settings.

Frame per second Unlocked
Material Quality Default
V-Sync Get off
Screen Mode Fullscreen
Texture quality Default
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Detail Quality Default
Vignette Get off
UI Quality Default
Anti-aliasing Default
Anisotropic Filtering Default
Clarity: Increase Default
Shadows Default
Distortion In default
Gun Skin Visuals Default

Mongraal Mouse Settings

Mongraal uses a lightweight mouse to play his games. Mongraal uses a light mouse to play his games. It does not alter any settings but maintains a polling frequency of 1000 Hz. Here is the Mongraal Valorant Setting.

Mouse Sensitivity 1.00
DPI 400
The ratio of mouse polling 1000 Hz
Mouse Sensitivity Default

Montreal Keybinds

When it comes to controlling settings, he defaults to his movement keys. To be able to use his ability keys quickly, he makes sure that his ability keys are near his movement keys. Here is a complete list of all Mongraal Keybinds.

Primary weapon 1
Melee weapon 3
Secondary weapon 2
Jump Scroll down using the Spacebar/mouse wheel.
Walk Left shift
Spike 4
Ability 1 Q
Crouch CTRL-Left
Use ultimate ability X
Use Ability 2 E
Color Default
Use Ability 3 C
Inner lines Default
Center dot Default
Outlines Default
Outer lines Default
Use abject F
Movement Default

The Mongraal Gaming Setup

Everyone is curious about his gaming setup, much like in the Setting. We’ve given you a peek at his gaming setup.


Mongraal uses an ACER F250Q 24.5-inch monitor. He has three monitors. This monitor is high-quality and has a resolution of 1920×1080. It also has a refresh rate of 240 Hz. The monitor also features a 1 ms response time, which eliminates latency issues. Mongraal, unlike professional players, chose a refresh rate monitor at 240Hz over 144Hz.


Mongraal uses the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Mouse. This wired mouse has a DPI of 240 to 4000. The G402 software allows you to program eight buttons. It also includes a rubber grip to provide greater comfort and support. The engine hybrid sensor allows for high tracking speeds. The performance has not received positive reviews.


A gaming system is incomplete without a keyboard. Mongraal loves the Corsair K65 compact keyboard, which has RGB lighting. It’s lighter and more spacious than a traditional tenkeyless keyboard. It has a larger font on keycaps and additional ADEFQRSW button buttons that make it easy for MOBA gamers, as well as FPS players.


Mongraal prefers to stream and play with the Corsair Void Pro RGB headset. It features a closed-back design and a 50mm driver that provides Dolby 7.1 surround sound. The headset has a range of 20 to 22,000Hz and a sensitivity of 107 Db. The headset also comes with a powerful battery backup. It has a 16-hour battery backup which is very impressive. You can use it even while the battery is charging.


Mongraal uses a Logitechbrio Webcam to view his webcam. This is the latest version of C922, with additional features and capabilities. Zoom in up to five times and adjust the angle between 65 and 78 degrees.

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