Top 10 Co op Horror games for you to play

Fear is what brings people together. If you are a PC gamer looking for the best horror games that you can play with your friends, then this article is perfect for you. Co-op horror games are those games that you can play with your friends online and can survive by doing teamwork. Here I will tell you about the top 10 Co op horror games on my list that are just perfect for you if you’re new to horror games.


Deceit is a co op horror game that’s at the number 10 spot on my list of 10 best co-op horror games. This game is very interesting, at the start of the game you’re either an innocent player or an infected player. As an innocent player, you have to escape from the place through teamwork. As an infected player, you have to stop innocents from escaping. But here’s a challenge; the innocent won’t know who’s infected among them. Their only bet in identifying the infected is noticing the behavior of their friends.

There’s a time in this game when all the lights go off; known as the blackout period. During the blackout period, the innocents can barely see anything and during that period, they have to gather fuses and put them in the fuse box to bring back the lights and continue to the next stage. The infected players, on the other side, can see everything using their special ability i.e. turning into a monster and stopping innocents from gathering fuses.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game is another one of our top 10 co op horror games. This game is mostly based on the movie Friday the 13th. It allows 8 players to play together on a map that’s based on a fictional camp crystal camp. 7 players are playing as counselors and one of these players randomly becomes a serial killer, Jason Voorhes, whose main objective is to split and to kill as many counselors as he can before the time runs out.

The main objective of counselors is to win the game either by hiding and waiting for time to run out, calling the police, or repairing a car or a boat while working as a team.


In Pacify, 2 or more players can play together to make it out of a haunted house that they were there to investigate paranormal activity and ended up getting trapped there. The haunted house is haunted by a ghost of a little girl. You have to work as a team and watch each other’s back in order to get out of the house and win the game; otherwise, you’ll be trapped there forever and live your whole life there.

In this game, you can not do anything against that girl except pacify her for just a little amount of time. And this is min thing that makes this game so awesome and holds the number 8th spot on our list.

Dying Light

Dying light is one of the best open-world zombie games that I have ever played. This game is absed on a character named Crane, who’s been sent to a city named Harren which is populated by zombies, and only a few survivors are left and are struggling to survive. This game is so good that you would think it’s real. You can explore the whole map of Harren and smash zombies.

It also has a Co op mode where you can play this game with two of your friends and explore the map while killing and helping each other, and it’s a hell of fun playing this game with your friends and practice your skills if zombies ever came in real-world (I hope they don’t).

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil is the 5th game of the Resident Evil franchise where you can play it with one of your friends as the role of any of two characters, Chris Redfield and Shiva Alomar. These two are BSSA agents who are hunting down illegal bioweapons. They ran into infected people during their investigation in juju, Africa, and are trying to survive as best as they could.

This game is the best co op horror game because it is the one. You can play it as a single-player. But where one player is controlled by AI, but it isn’t just as fun as it is playing with friends where you can work as a team.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 can be played as the best game in the co op genre and zombie game genre. This game is 14 years old now and it still doesn’t feel like it is this old. This game allows four survivors who are survivors of a zombie outbreak and can be controlled either by a real person or an AI. The main objective of this game is to survive and reach a helicopter that will take them away to freedom. This game is so much fun, when playing with friends.

Left 4 Dead 2 is an awesome co op horror game. This game is built in such a way that you can play with your friends easily and its experience is a lot better if you play with friends.


Phasmophobia is another one of the best co op horror games out there. In this game, 4 of your friends can play together in a team of investigators who are investigating a haunted house for paranormal activities. You have to gather as much evidence of paranormal activities as possible to prove that there’s some ghost in this house for the ghost team to believe and haunt that ghost. You can either choose to control CCTV cameras and talk to your team about activity happening in different areas of the house while sitting in your van or get in the house and detect paranormal activities.

This game is just like pacify, but in order to win this game, you’ve gathered as much evidence for the presence of a ghost and paranormal activities as you can. You’ll use standard tools that real ghost investigators use like a thermometer, EMF Reader, spirit box, etc.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by daylight is another horror game that can be played with 4 of your friends. In this game, 4 players play as survivors in a co op environment. One player is a killer and trying to kill all of the survivors. The survivors have to play the game with teamwork or they can become the meal of the killer. You can either play with the team and survive or be selfish and play alone and be killed by the killer.

The survivors play in third-person and the goal of the survivors is to run from the killer, and if the killer catches any player, other players have to run from the scene. The killer plays as a first-person whose goal is to kill all the survivors.

The Forest

The Forest

In this game, you take the role of a sole survivor of a plane crash and you somehow end up on a mysterious island. You have to survive on your own on that island, build a camp, find food, build a fire for yourself at night and protect yourself. But the question arises, protect from what, well, here’s a catch; you are not alone on the island; there are cannibal mutants already living there who are difficult to kills and will kill you easily.

It is a first-person open-world game, where you can explore the whole island and check what’s happening there. You can discover underground caves, rivers, lakes, etc. It is also a great co op game that you can play with your friends and it becomes much more enjoyable and interesting when you have multiple pairs of eyes and hands to help you.

In Silence

Like all the co op horror games that I mentioned above, this game is also a horror game in which 5 players are survivors, playing in third-person mode and trying to survive the monster, and one player is playing as a monster whose ultimate mission is to kill all the survivors. But there’s a twist; the monster is almost blind (have difficulty seeing things that are at a distance) but his hearing ability is very strong.

The monster can hear every movement that is happening around the map, and he has to haunt the survivors by hearing their sounds. The survivors have to move around the map without making any noise and complete objectives in order to win the game.

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