Why Efficiency of Canned Motor Pump Is Less?

Canned Motor Pumps

EtITBCanned motor pumps, also known as hermetically sealed pumps, are a type of centrifugal pump that features a sealed motor and impeller assembly within a can-like casing. These pumps are designed to operate in harsh environments and are often used in chemical, petrochemical, and nuclear applications.

Despite their robust design and reliability. Canned motor pumps are not as efficient as other types of pumps, such as traditional centrifugal pumps.

There are several reasons for this reduced efficiency:

  1. Heat transfer: The sealed motor and impeller assembly of canned motor pumps generate a significant amount of heat. This heat must be transferred from the interior of the can to the outside. Either through the casing or through the fluid being pumped. The canning process used to seal the motor and impeller assembly is not as thermally efficient as other methods. Resulting in heat loss and reduced efficiency.
  2. Friction losses: The sealed design of canned motor pumps can lead to increased friction losses within the can. As the fluid must pass through smaller openings and tighter tolerances. This added friction reduces the overall efficiency of the pump.
  3. Mechanical losses: The mechanical components of canned motor pumps. Such as bearings and seals, are subject to wear and tear over time. As these components degrade, they can cause increased mechanical losses and reduced efficiency.
  4. Leakage: Due to their sealed design, canned motor pumps are susceptible to leakage. This leakage can occur at the shaft seal or through the can itself. Leakage not only reduces the efficiency of the pump but also poses a significant environmental and safety hazard.
  5. Cost: Canned motor pumps tend to be more expensive than other types of pumps. Such as traditional centrifugal pumps. While the initial cost of a canned motor pump may be higher. Increased efficiency can provide significant long-term savings in terms of energy consumption and maintenance costs.

There are also steps you can take to increase the efficiency of canned motor pumps:

  1. Properly sizing the pump: Selecting a canned motor pump that is properly sized for the application can help to minimize friction losses and reduce the amount of energy required to operate the pump.
  2. Properly aligning the pump: Ensuring that the canned motor pump is properly aligned can help to minimize mechanical losses and prolong the life of the pump’s components.
  3. Properly maintaining the pump: Scheduling regular maintenance on canned motor pumps can help to detect and repair potential problems before they lead to decreased efficiency.
  4. Properly selecting a fluid: Selecting a fluid that is compatible with the materials used in the canned motor pump can help to minimize wear and tear on the pump’s components.

In summary, canned motor pumps are designed for harsh environments and are extremely reliable. It tends to be less efficient than other types of pumps. However, the efficiency can be increased by proper maintenance, regular monitoring, proper fluid selection, and pump design.

The increased initial cost of the canned motor pump manufacturer can be balanced with long-term savings in energy consumption and maintenance costs. Making it a perfect fit for critical applications, and also can be used in harsh and dangerous environments where safety is paramount.

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