5 Reasons Why You Should Using Microsoft Teams

Here are five compelling arguments for signing up for Microsoft Teams right away. Organizations in the modern era are characterized by their emphasis on teamwork and collaborative efforts. More than 330,000 businesses around the world are now using Microsoft Teams, making it the company’s fastest-growing software ever.

If you’re employed by one of these businesses, you’re undoubtedly discovering new uses for the app every day. If you aren’t already utilizing Teams, here are five compelling arguments for why you should.

  1. There’s More Going on Than Just Regular Chit-Chatting

The Teams chat window is a great way to hold short interactions with co-workers. The reality is far more complex, though. Can’t wait to get your files out there? Send it as an attachment in the conversation. Then, you can call or video contact your co-worker to discuss the document right there in the window. Set up a meeting without ever having to leave the conversation. By integrating with other Microsoft products, like OneNote and Office, users never have to leave the chat to move between programs again. All the information you need can be found in the conversation.

  1. In Meetings, Before, During, & Afterwards

Having everything set up for meetings might be difficult. One email contains the agenda, while another has the mutually agreed-upon next steps. What happened to the material you were meant to read before we got on the phone?

That process is simplified significantly by team meetings. You can start a conversation with the attendees about the meeting’s agenda, send them the files you need them to study, and keep track of the meeting’s notes and actions as soon as the meeting starts. Even you can identify mystery invitees by using this feature.

The call recording will then be accessible in the same tab, saving you time if you have to skip the meeting but still want to listen to the tape later. It’s all documented in the minutes and follow-up assignments from the meeting.

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  1. There Will Be Less Email Traffic

Don’t worry about drowning in an inbox full of messages again. Thanks to your newly organized Teams, you no longer need to cope with the never-ending stream of emails that would arrive as Replies to All. And what if someone only wants to ask you a simple question or sends you a file? What you need is a chat room!

  1. Enhanced Teamwork, Communication & Collaboration

The seamless integration with Office 365 means you can work on a document with others without switching apps. In a flash, you and your teammates can create a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document in Teams, share it, and begin working on it together as authors. You won’t have to worry about the versioning chaos that ensued whenever you sent out a new email draught. There’s a chat feature built in so you and your co-workers can discuss the document while you work on it together.

  1. Maintain Constant & Convenient Communication Anytime, Anywhere

Keeping in touch, being approachable, and having access to all of your resources while we’re on the go are all crucial. The Teams mobile app provides quick access to your team’s shared files and programs. With just one click, you can respond in real-time to conversations, attend meetings, and keep working together. So, it guarantees you that you won’t miss a beat even if you’re on the go.

  1. Bonus – You Can Integrate Your Phone System

The unified nature of Microsoft Teams’ phone management and other features makes them ideal for any business.

Is migrating to Microsoft Teams for telephony something that might benefit your company? When is the best time to go ahead and do it? Telephony switching centers are typically expensive and time-consuming to maintain when using traditional (digital) technology. It could be time to upgrade to Microsoft Teams. Since spending money is inevitable, it makes sense to put that money into a platform that is up-to-date at all times (and so cut down on additional spending in the future). A smooth transition to a new mode of communication really benefits from having solid direction. After all, the conversation is at the heart of nearly every company procedure. Thus, it is imperative that workers be at the center of this evolution. Both happiness and participation levels rise as a result. For this reason, it’s important to do your research before making the change.

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