Koi Galaxy Betta Fish: Care & Types Guide

Betta fish

Koi galaxy betta is the most beautiful creature among different types of fish. There is a good increment in the popularity of koi Betta day by day. Beginners should not keep galaxy betta because they have some complexities. Keeping only one male Betta with 2 to 3 female Bettas is advisable. You should avoid keeping two male Bettas at the same time. The water quantity should be enough for swimming; food is also nutritious as these are essential requirements. Koi Betta is available in large varieties with different unique, and beautiful colors. Galaxy koi Betta would be a great addition to your tank; they grow up to 3 inches and come in different colors like green, blue, yellow, and red. If you are worried about their rate, you can easily purchase them. They are affordable and have a range between $16 to $50. 

Types of Koi Betta

Koi galaxy betta has limited types. These few have been discussed below. 

  • Candy Dragon Koi Betta: This fish is famous for its dragon-like appearance. Candy Betta has numerous shades, like purple, blue, green, red, and yellow. They all make beautiful combinations of color
  • Galaxy koi Betta: Galaxy koi betta has colossal popularity among fish lovers. Specific colors like black, white, and red make beautiful iridescent fins that attract fish lovers. They have unique color patches on the stomach side and over the fins. They are called Galaxy koi Betta just because of the colors galaxy on their body. 
  • Koi Plakat Betta Fish: this is a great variety among the Betta fishes. This category is widely popular just because of the myriad of colors. Another interesting thing is their fins. Fins are rounded and shorter, just like other Plakat Bettas. 


When we talk about their appearance, their fins make them unique among other fish categories. Koi galaxy betta is a bit expensive just because of their fins. Fins look like silk drapery while floating. Koi Betta fish have the same profile just like another Betta splendens families. What makes them unique? Signature marble genes are one of the great things in galaxy betta that make it special in others. It is vital in creating a spectrum of colors on a fish’s body. The beautiful color chemistry is that marble genes change as time passes. Transposons change the fish’s color over time, and they get completely changed.

 This color change needs to be clarified for the breeder, who faces difficulty finding the results of breeding. This unknown aspect of appearance makes galaxy koi Betta unique and special. There are many betta fishes, but one of the best in the koi galaxy betta has a fancier specimen of orange, yellow, black, and red color patches. Koi Betta is one of the major and beautiful categories of colorful freshwater fish. They are more special not only because of the color-changing quality but because of the sharp color patches, and the color change duration is just a few minutes. 

Koi Betta Fish Care Guidelines

Koi galaxy betta fish care is quite easy compared to other Betta fish categories. For giant Betta fish, a beginner can’t handle everything, including their care. But when it comes to the koi Betta, that is relatively easy. Generally, they are hardy fish and spend a good time in captivity. But your aquarium must have some essentials. 

Water Parameters

Normally, koi Betta fish are known as hardy fish. They will be in a plastic container when you visit a fish store. Can koi Betta stay in a small plastic container? Well, that’s right for some time. Koi Betta can tolerate slight fluctuations and can stay in harsh conditions.

Interestingly, they can survive in a tough environment when other fishes can’t. They can breathe in air in absence of water. A Labyrinth organ helps to breathe in air below and above the water’s surface. If they can live in a harsh environment, it doesn’t mean that all you provide is a harsh environment. It would be best if you always were concerned about their health and comfortable underwater environment. The water temperature should be 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pH level must be 7. 

Diet and Food

They mostly hunt small insects and larvae in wild habitats and count on predators. They love to eat a fully proteinous diet. One of the nutritious food that you can offer is commercial pellets. This food is easily available in local stores. It has all ingredients to maintain your koi Betta fish health. A Balanced diet is pivotal to regulating their body mechanisms. Also, provide pellets full of nutrients and vitamins to improve the fish’s vibrancy. 

Behavior and Temperament

Koi Betta fish is also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. This is according to their temperament. Sometimes, koi betta can be ferocious. Keeping Bettas in an aquarium to enhance the room decoration is a good idea. But you also have to be careful about their behavior and temperament. They will not hesitate to fight with other fish. Putting a mirror in glass can make them aggressive, and you should be ready to enjoy their aggressiveness. Koi Betta fishes are not different from other Bettas, but their galaxy and aggressiveness make them different from other Betta fish categories. 


When it comes to their care, you should be careful about their health, nutritious diet, and aquarium water parameters. Betta is not expensive, and you can enhance your home’s beauty. You can visit numerous stores; they offer koi Betta at a reasonable rate, but jvbettafishforsale.com is the best one. So, why are you waiting? Beautify your room and life through these little iridescent stars. 

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